The shadow of illegal and discriminatory practices continues to hover over the PSG. Mediapart and France 2 highlighted the registration of young footballers as part of the recruitment of the Paris training center for the national unit when it was headed by Marc Westerloppe (2013-2018). Our newspaper, for its part, confirms the existence until recently of a file in the Île-de-France region, with a coding: "BR" for butter, "BC" for white, "BK" for black, " AS "for Asian.

The highlighting of this system has made certain players in Paris recruiting that the practice was illegal. For recruitment in Île-de-France, the ethnic information was recorded in "the fourth column of the recruitment notebooks", describes an employee. Without knowing their possible use in the composition of the workforce, he certifies that these mentions existed before the arrival of Westerloppe to the PSG.

The club claims to wait for the results of the internal investigation it has been conducting for a month, "next week" to position itself on this issue as on others. In the entourage close to the PSG, it is surprising nevertheless: "If it turns out, it is light years from the operation of this cell. This would be a matter of clumsiness or ignorance of the law, as it seems to be the case in other clubs as well. "

Westerloppe between new accusation and reply

Marc Westerloppe, gone to Rennes earlier this year, assured Friday through his lawyer, to have "never committed any act of discrimination" and announced his intention to initiate "all legal actions [pour lever ces suspicions infondées] ".

The recruiter remains in the eye of the cyclone and some languages ​​are loosened. "I met Marc Westerloppe at the end of 2013 when he took office at PSG," said a Malian agent who had once placed several young people at the training center. The meeting took place at the Camp des Loges and was intended to evoke a future collaboration. But when I spoke about his outlines with Marc Westerloppe, he told me right away that he did not want African players. I asked him why, he did not want to justify himself. When I told him that he might miss the next George Weah or Lionel Messi, he told me he was ready to take that risk. "

Marc Westerloppe./Icon Sport

The ministry wants an inventory of the situation

An ex-employee of the PSG nevertheless questions the promptness to give the hat to a man who is no longer at the club. "A few years ago, a team from the training center played against Real Madrid at Charléty stadium (Editor's note: in Youth League, in 2004), he says. On the Real side, in white jerseys, there were only whites. And PSG side, in dark jersey, only blacks. The image shocked our leaders. So, one wonders where it all comes from. I can not think that this was put in place without the knowledge of the leaders. "

The authorities, they ask for accounts. The FFF yesterday seized its National Council of Ethics (CNE), which may eventually seize the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League. Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu will meet the LFP early next week, then Jean-Claude Blanc, PSG's deputy managing director, and the FFF. "The goal is to take stock of the situation at PSG but also, more generally, to take stock of how things work in the field and what needs to be done to make it happen. does not happen again, "says the Ministry of Sports.

Following the revelations, the League of Human Rights (LDH) and the Representative Council of Black Associations of France (Cran) have both announced filing a complaint.


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