Bundesliga. November 10, 2018. Borussia D - Bavaria. Game Review - 3: 2

Bundesliga. November 10, 2018. Borussia D - Bavaria. Game Review - 3: 2

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Double of Royce against double of Lewandowski. Crazy match in Dortmund!
It was one of the best European football games this season.

November 10, 2018, 23:35

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For the first time in seven years, Borussia Dortmund was facing Bavaria in the Bundesliga before a full-time meeting. Besides, Lucien Favre's team suffered the first prevention of the 2018/19 season but Tuesday, losing the Atletico Champions League in Madrid – 0: 2. Previously, black and yellow set a series of 15 games won from the beginning of the season (12 wins, three pounds). The "Borussia" game was so shocking that even the president of the Munich Uli Höness club said: "Bavaria" is going to Dortmund in an outside status. However, the old fox may have been cunning, so as to reduce the pressure from his players in this way and make a slight reduction in his opponent's concentration. In fact, according to statistics, the leader of the Bundesliga was not much better than the current German champion. For example, "Bavaria", on average, more often, a "Borussia" beat on target – 18.3 checks per 13.5 (target – 7.5 against 5.4). And at his own goal, the team left Niko Kovacs through a smaller medium.

The game has created that Dortmund's leadership is still not lucky. The first round of the first round of the Bundesliga was successful with its prospects, it was extremely bright, really hot. The first half for a clear advantage won the "Bavaria", which ruled the ball (possession – 59% to 41%) and the situation on the field (shots – 6: 1, on target – 2: 1). On the one hand, it seemed that the curriculum was driving down its opponents and its pressure and forced Borussia to tackle the defense lines and midfield. On the other hand, this may be part of the Favre plan: the arrhythmia of the game, be distributed in time. Three corners began at five minutes at the beginning of Munich, and then Robert Lewandowski was the logical result of the benefit of the guests. Dortmund's first pet was thought to be the most important game of the season – he wanted to win in any way. In the first half, Pole asked three-penalty pair from a judge who was anxiously angry and suffering on his face, like a greeting. However, the arbitrator Manuel Grefe did not need to help the VAR system even make the right decisions.
In the second half, the "Borussia" field was completely different. The hosts raised the lines higher and put more pressure on half others, and, more importantly, Dortmund started repeatedly attacking at a speed that the curator could not tackle. And even the second goal of Lewandowski, random in such a game with the 1:01 score, the picture did not change.

Everything that goes to the goal is destroying Manuel Neuer. What's going on
This is really a crisis.
Bloomed unused before the break, Jadon Sancho. If you do not follow the Bundesliga carefully, this 18-year-old English-language game will reveal you. Not only does he have a high speed and a stroke, like any good wing, but also a very smart age. It is not surprising that Manchester City's graduate is the best assistant in the Bundesliga now. Sancho defended "Bavaria" by Marco Royce. And the worst looked like the most experienced Mats Hummels, who failed to meet their former team, unlike Lewandowski. Back in the first half, Hummels presented the ball in Royce, when he realized one-to-one with Manuel Neuer, and after breaking, the German national team defended physically. Is it a trauma game? Kovacs came into the 65 minutes after a couple of new "deliveries".
Royce, if it was more accurate, had a poker in the game against Bayern, not double. Sometimes he closed Munich openly. Significantly, Marco understood the penalty he earned himself. Raising the incident in breach of Neuer suspected but the judge did not look at the repeat. The main objective of Alcazer is a great work from the Favre team! Choosing the side, quickly remove the ball through the third (Axel Witsel), perfect opening Paco Alcacer, to avoid asside off. The Spell returned again from the bench. This is his eighth goal in the Bundesliga – scoring one goal in half an hour!
It would be almost fair if Bayern finally won back. The second half was over Borussia (shots – 10: 4, on target – 4: 1). However, in the fifth minute of the time of injury, Lewandowski scored a very beautiful goal with heel, responding to the cross to the right. With the anger of the Police, the judge settled by post. In fact, the striker was a little quick. By the way, Borussia has been fought today by the main goalkeeper of Roman Bürki. For the first time in the Bundesliga season, Swiss played Marvin Hits – he had not made any mistakes.
Now the "Borussia" broke seven points from "Bavaria", which reflects the worst result of Louis van Gala's times.

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