The Speyer Turtles’ Rollercoaster Weekend: Ups and Downs on the Field

The Speyer Turtles’ second away trip to Mainz in just one week was full of ups and downs. After a confident 16:5 win against the hosts, they lost to Koblenz 11:16.

This meant that they only managed to make up for the two defeats from a week ago. Several regular players were out due to injury, which presented coach Frank Brzoska with a number of challenges. Jonny Collet came straight from the night shift to the game to play as a pitcher in the first game against the hosts.

Clear leadership

He put in a convincing performance and, together with the Mainz defense, got four runs under control. They only allowed one point. The Turtles, on the other hand, played it cleverly. The first Mainz pitcher didn’t actually get into the game at all, which Speyer took advantage of to make it 11-0. The Athletics changed pitchers.

But the Turtles got used to that pretty quickly: 16:1. Mainz only tried to improve the result. After a 30-minute break, they went straight on against the Koblenz Raptors, which obviously didn’t do Speyer any good. While the Turtles made up for minor mistakes in the first inning, they conceded five points in the second.

They stayed focused at bat and equalized at 6:6. Then the offense slacked off and they fell behind 7:15.

This is how they played

Pollini (4/2), Vig (3/3), Hook (2/1), Teßin (1/-), Hans Hammer (1/-), Lars Hammer (2/-), Rettinger (1/2) , Krämer (2/1), Ritter (-/1), Göddelmann (-/1), Collet, Schröer.

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