Young, mixed race, roomers and good spirits, who are the members of Kop Parisii, supporting Paris Basketball

Zaccharie Risacher may be one of the future faces of the NBA, but that evening he did not escape the rule established by the Kop Parisii. “Overrated, overrated, overrated,” sing and gently mock the approximately 100 members of this unique group of Paris Basketball supporters, installed in one of the corners of the Adidas Arena. The young winger (19 years old) from Bourg-en-Bresse, who leaves the capital with a great defeat under his belt (77-64), suffered, like many, the false arrogance of the Parisian titis.

“We love to joke around, we love to play on this image of pretentious Parisians. We play it, laughs Redoine, spokesperson for the Kop. Smart people know we’re just here to fool around. We love everyone. » And everyone loves them! Starting with the Paris Basketball players, who will still need their support this Tuesday evening during the support match for the Betclic Elite quarter-finals against Cholet. “This crowd made the Arena a home for us,” says point guard TJ Shorts. The Kop Parisii did not wait for the club to settle in the brand new room at Porte de la Chapelle to make its voice heard.


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