Xidoo Salamanca Team Members Selected to Represent State in Federated Basketball Olympiad 2024

Members of the Xidoo Salamanca team category 2010 – 2009 (female cadets) have been chosen to be part of the state selection of the discipline that will compete from May 23 to 26 within the 2024 Federated Basketball Olympiad based in Celaya, Guanajuato.

After the the selective women’s cadets that in the coming days will be competing within the 2024 Federated Olympiad.

Among the Salamanca players from the Xidoo team chosen to represent the state within said competition are Casey León, Alexa Montenegro, Paloma Flores, Renata Celestino, Perla Miranda and Camila Ortega.

After being chosen to be part of the selection, all of them have been participating in concentrations in order to prepare as best as possible for said contest.

Therefore, every eight days they traveled to different venues to hold training sessions, as well as preparation matches.

More than 300 teams from 28 states of the Mexican Republic will participate in the federated basketball Olympiad and it is organized by the Mexican Basketball Federation (FMB) in coordination with the municipal government of Celaya.

The categories in which the teams will participate are Micro, Children, Catwalk, Cadets, Youth, Superior Youth and Under 21, both in the men’s and women’s branches.

2024-05-21 22:15:02
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