“What we experienced will never be erased”

A violent robbery took place at the house of Marcelino Moreno, a forward who returned to Lanús, in the last transfer market. The news was confirmed by Katy Riverothe footballer’s wife, who shared a harsh defense on social networks and revealed details of the fateful episode that they experienced inside their home in a private neighborhood in Canning, where They were approached by two thieves.

“I don’t forgive myself for feeling so helpless and vulnerable, wanting to defend myself and protect myself from my children but not being able to do anything, seeing my chicks with their little eyes full of fear, begging for their lives without caring about anything else,” the woman reflected. the player’s wife, who was with her mother and children inside her home at the time of the robbery.

Two inhumans enter your house, threaten you, abuse you physically and psychologicallywithout compassion for children, for women who can be their own mothers, knowing all the bad things they can cause,” he explained.

In this sense, she was outraged by the situation. “Today I don’t feel like saying thank you that nothing happened to us because what we experienced will never be erased from our minds. My son will remember how they took her mother away without knowing if that was going to be the last day he would see her alive. I only asked that she run, that she not get tired of running. And here is the worst of all, what comes after a simple robbery.”

And he launched: “How do you go back to sleep now? How do you enter that home that you felt so safe again? How do you trust people again? How do you make your children forget? How does one feel calm again in a new home? How does one go back to sleep without fear? So, what can we do now?”.

At the same time, he reflected strongly on what happened. “I hate being the victim of this situation. I wouldn’t wish something like that on anyone, least of all in front of their children and their mother.“, she acknowledged. To close, the woman highlighted the bravery of the children’s grandmother, who would have been key to avoiding a worse moment. “My mother took care of Lautaro with claw and sword, she ran with him and kept him safe. Thank you ma, sorry for this shitty moment“, concluded the young woman.

Although the footballer did not speak publicly about it, I would start tonight against Estudiantes de La Plata For the third date of the Professional League, a match that Granate will play at home.

The defense of Marcelino Moreno’s partner

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2024-05-24 16:12:37
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