Waistband and Watch Strap Combination Sale

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Provide information such as manufacturer/country of origin, contact information, business number, etc. as seller information Seller Oh Sports Company name / Representative Jao Sports / Park So-ra Contact number 010-5619-0360 Business type Individual business Business number 2860500614 Mail order business number 2016 Jeonju Wansan 0271 Email Send email Business location 601-303 Ssangyong Seosin Apartment, 761-2 Seosin-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do Product condition New product Manufacturer Yonex Country of origin Indonesia Product code/model 6386494778 Brand Yonex Issuable receipt Credit card slip, cash receipt Product information provision notice, product material, color, size, etc. Information provided Product name and model name AC108EX KC Certification information See detailed description Size, weight See detailed description Color See detailed description Material See detailed description Product composition Single item Release date and month of the same model Refer to detailed description Manufacturer and, in the case of imported products, indicate the importer together Yonex Country of manufacture Japan By product Detailed specifications Refer to detailed description Quality assurance standards Refer to detailed description A/S person in charge and phone number See detailed description Provide information on transaction conditions such as delivery method, delivery period, reason/basis for non-cancellation of subscription Delivery method Courier Delivery period within 1.1 days on average Shipping (based on business days) Shipping cost 3,000 won

Additional shipping fee: Jeju Island 4,000 Won / Island and Mountainous Areas 7,000 Won. Cancellation deadline and return cost when consumer simply changes their mind.

In the case of cancellation due to the consumer’s simple change of mind rather than a product defect, the deadline for cancellation, etc. and the return cost borne by the consumer

One-way 3,000 won (6,000 won charged if first delivery is free)
*Buyer’s change of mind must be made within 7 days of receiving the product (buyer is responsible for return shipping costs)

Reasons/basis for cancellation of subscription when consumer simply changes mind
If cancellation of subscription is impossible due to the consumer’s simple change of mind rather than a product defect, the specific reason and basis for this

Simple change of mind, mistaken purchase, removing the product tag, or tying a string in the case of a racket.

Phone numbers related to A/S goods, etc. Seller inquiries Consumers follow the consumer dispute resolution standards according to their main business Exchange, return, warranty conditions and quality assurance standards for goods, etc. Seller inquiries Consumers follow the consumer dispute resolution standards according to this Act (Fair Trade Commission Notice) In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, cancellation deadline and return cost in case of product defect or incorrect delivery
In case of cancellation due to product defect, incorrect delivery, etc., the deadline for cancellation, etc. and return costs borne by the mail order seller

In the case of a difference from the indication/advertisement or a defect in the product, returns/exchanges are not possible within 3 months after receipt of the product or within 30 days from the date of learning of the fact that it is different from the indication/advertisement (return shipping costs are borne by the seller), either of which has elapsed.

Information on refunds and compensation for delayed refunds
Methods for receiving a refund, the fact that delay compensation may be paid if the refund is delayed, and specific conditions and procedures for payment of delay compensation

Seller Inquiry Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

Consumer damage compensation, complaint handling for goods, etc., consumer dispute handling standards

Matters related to handling of consumer damage compensation, handling of complaints about goods, etc., and handling of disputes between consumers and business operators

Follows our consumer dispute resolution standards. Go to

You can check the terms and conditions for transactions or how to check them through the product detail page and the Terms of Use link at the bottom of the page. delivery

  • The estimated delivery date is based on the average delivery date for the product in the past month. Due to unavoidable reasons such as delivery to islands/mountainous areas, there may be a difference of 2-3 days or more.

  • Delivery may be slightly delayed due to force majeure (temporary out of stock, manufacturer product supply issues, etc.).

return shipping cost

  • One-way KRW (KRW will be charged if the first delivery is free)

Where to send exchange shipping costs

  • (560014) 1st floor, One Sports, 40-1 Jeollagamyeong-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do (Jungang-dong 4-ga)

Requestable period depending on the reason for return/exchange

  • In case of return/exchange, you must first contact the seller and discuss it before requesting a return. Please note that if you send the product arbitrarily without receiving a return request, a refund may not be possible.

  • If the buyer simply changes their mind within 7 days of receiving the product (buyer is responsible for return shipping costs)

  • In the case of a difference from the indication/advertisement or a defect in the product, returns/exchanges are not possible within 3 months after receiving the product or within 30 days from the date of learning of the fact that it is different from the indication/advertisement (return shipping costs borne by the seller).

How to apply for return/exchange

  • Buyers can quickly and easily request returns and exchanges through the following channels.
  • My Page → Order Reservation History → Ordered Products → Request for Return or Exchange → Select the reason and fill in the details to complete the application

※ When requesting a return or exchange, you can collect the product more quickly if you check in advance for inquiries about the collection location and return or exchange through the seller’s contact information in the seller information below.

  • A contract entered into by a minor may be canceled by him or his legal representative if the legal representative does not consent.
  • When selling or purchasing industrial products subject to safety inspection or child-resistant packaging in accordance with the Quality Management and Industrial Product Safety Management Act, please check whether the product has undergone a safety inspection or is subject to child-resistant packaging.
  • When purchasing information or telecommunication equipment, please check whether the product has been certified or approved in accordance with the Electrical Appliances Safety Management Act, the Framework Act on Telecommunications, and the Radio Act.
  • Please be aware that if you deal directly with the seller without using Interpark’s payment system, you may incur damage, such as not receiving the product or receiving a product that is different from the product you purchased.
  • The registered sales products and contents are registered by the seller, and we do not take any responsibility for the registered contents.

KG Inicis Co., Ltd. Payment deposit business registration number: 02-006-00013 [서비스 가입사실 확인]

To ensure safe transactions for its members, Interpark Commerce Co., Ltd. applies the purchase safety service provided by KG Inicis Co., Ltd. to all transactions through Interpark Commerce Co., Ltd., regardless of purchase amount or payment method. Registration status can be checked on the e-Financial Service Center website (www.fcsc.kr) can be checked in the Registration/Report > Electronic Financial Business Registration Status menu.

Seoul Guarantee Insurance Purchase Safety Service

To ensure a safe transaction, customers can use the purchase safety service (shopping mall warranty insurance), which provides protection to buyers when paying in cash.

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