VIDEO AND PHOTO ⟩ The Latvian hockey team “loses” the match against Sweden in less than a minute

Less than seven minutes before the end of the second third, Fabian Setterlund regained Sweden’s two-goal lead, and nine seconds later, Juel Eriksson-Ek made it 5:2 for Sweden. In the continuation, Merzlikin was forced to capitulate for the sixth time by Markus Peteshon, and then Merzlikin was replaced in the goal by Erik Vitols.

At the end of the third period, Latvian hockey players still had the majority, which they failed to use to score a goal.

Mamcic earned a two-minute suspension at the start of the third period, but shortly after that, Sweden was penalized for six players. For a minute, the teams played four against four, but in the next minute, Latvia had a numerical advantage, during which Oskars Batņa was sent off.

On the other hand, less than seven minutes before the end of the regular time, after Rihards Bukarts and Rodrigo Ābols’ rejections, the Latvians remained three against five. Although the Swedes spent almost the entire majority at the Latvian goal, the puck did not pass Vītol.

At the end of the match, the Latvians still had the majority, during which Markus Johansons beat Vitols and achieved 7:2, ending the game with the same result.

Latvian ice hockey players started the tournament with three victories, defeating the Polish national team 5-4 in extra time, France 3-2 in overtime, Kazakhstan 2-0 in regular time, but in the fourth game Germany’s superiority was recognized 1-8.

The Swedes have the same success in four games. In the first match, the Swedes beat the Americans 5-2, followed by a 5-1 win over Poland and 6-1 and 3-1 wins over Germany and Kazakhstan, respectively.

On May 19, Latvia will meet Slovakia, but in the final group game on May 21, the Latvians will play against the USA hockey players, whom they beat last year in the battle for bronze medals.

The 16 teams participating in the tournament are divided into two groups, with eight teams each, which guarantees seven games for each team. The top four teams in each group will continue the medal fight in the quarter-finals, while the weaker teams in both groups will leave the stronger division, and next year will be replaced by Hungary and Slovenia in the top 16.

Last year, the Canadians triumphed in the world championships, beating Germany in the decisive match, while Latvia won the bronze medals, defeating the USA national team in overtime.

The World Championship will take place in the Czech cities of Prague and Ostrava until May 26.

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