Unlocking the Olympic Dream: A Visit to the Health District with the French Ambassador

On the road to the Olympic Games. Towards the Olympic Games. This explains the visit of the French Ambassador to Italia, Martin Briensal Health district on the occasion of the Franco-Neapolitan week. The neighborhood with its enormous potential opens like a treasure chest to the welcome transalpine guest, sport proves to be a powerful educational and redemption tool with the champions in crimson tracksuits and the young talents in the foreground, not least the 33rd edition of the five-a-side event circles, now imminent.


The flame and the lion: iconic symbols. In a world divided and torn by conflicts, the Olympic spirit spreads values ​​of brotherhood. And the message of peace rises strongly from the city of Partenope. The day is marked by a double moment. We start from Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanitàwith the parish priest Don Luigi Calemme e Melania Cimminodirector San Gennaro Community Foundation, Pino MaddaloniOlympic gold a Sydney 2000as head of delegation, the champions Daniela Raia e Luca Marmoknowledgeable guides with an elegant style, together with the histrionic proximity educator Marco Badolati. A visit to the catacombs with the kids from the cooperative is essential La Paranzathe enchantment of Fabulous nativity scene, set in the seventeenth-century sacristy, where the pioneering project began, originated in 2018 to create an alternative to the road. And until 2021 an imposing ring occupied the property, intended for worship rather than for the practice of boxing.

A must stop at Locanda del Monacone with tasting of typical dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, ritual photo with the mural of Toto e Peppino in the background and off towards the spaces of the former beggars asylum, a structure recovered and become an extraordinary container, thanks to the synergy deployed by the Commondal Department of Public Safetyfrom the Naples Police Headquarters and from III Municipality.

Cristallini 73: sport promotes dreams. Care for beauty, paradigm shift and steps towards a better city. The commissioner Maurizio Agricola will do the honors and present a crest of the State Police and a backpack Gold Flames to the Ambassador Briens, as a sign of friendship and hospitality. There is time and opportunity to admire the structure. Future judo warriors train on the tatami, on the square Assunta Canfora sparring partner di Chiara Saraiellomany children crowd the premises in judogi, others wear crimson tracksuits, finally the colorful sports climbing wall intrigues those present.

«Il Health district it is a model of rebirth: a possibility and an opportunity to also be exported to France» declares the Ambassador Brienswhich he focused on Davide Tizzanopresident of International Committee of the Mediterranean Gamesand theHall of Fame Sandro Cuomo and the champions of the various disciplines qualified for Paris 2024. «We have problem neighborhoods and what I saw is a valid example of cooperation between people, institutions, Police and associations”, he states satisfied Brienswhich will also dedicate a post on X. “Very inspiring visit to Health district: thanks to San Gennaro Foundationto the cooperative La Paranzaa don Luigi Calemme and at Gold Flameswho with their commitment do an extraordinary job with young people and families.”

Per Lise Moutumalaya «many things unite Napoli e Paris for centuries.” Consolidated ties. “THE Paris 2024 Olympic Games they aim to include inclusion and also investments for the suburbs, a very important common point for society, shared with Naples European Capital of Sport 2026», states the consul general of France a Napoli. «And this is exactly what we wanted to celebrate with the visit of the Ambassador to Crystal clear In the Health district on the occasion of the Franco-Neapolitan week”, he concludes Moutumalaya.

Smiles, handshakes with Vincenzo Picardibronze at Beijing 2008 Olympics, Donato Cosenza, Dominic Valentino, Bright Maddaloni e Biagio D’Angelo.

Paralympic swimming. «It was a pleasant and truly interesting day. We showed how much this city concretely does for sport and the Ambassador’s happiness shone through Briens meeting us, enthusiastic in listening to the genesis of Crystal clear» explains the multi-titled man Vincenzo Boni. «For the Franco-Neapolitan week we were honored with a nice gift, a cup with the logo of the Paris Olympics. For superstitious reasons, I’ll keep it in the box, then we’ll see about using it for breakfast”, observes the swimmer who already took bronze in Rio 2016. «Being with so many champions and in the presence of the Police Commissioner Maurizio Agricola gives a further sense of belonging to Sports Group of the State Police», he comments Bonieager to take part in his third Paralympics.

Paris is a certainty. «He will have a five-circle adventure in two months. It’s always wonderful to reach this goal. I have already been lucky enough to participate in the Olympics in Tokyo with a heavy silver that we hope to improve, even if it won’t be easy”, he says Luca Curatoli. «The upcoming Olympics will be with a different flavor for the current international context, the previous ones were beautiful but behind closed doors, the Japanese one will probably be a unique edition», asserts the saber fighter born in 1994. «This year there will be the public and to experience this The atmosphere energizes me, especially if I’m cheering against you.

I hope it will be an unforgettable experience.”

Gloves. «Tokyo it was my first Olympics. Indescribable emotion. Paris it represents a personal revenge”, he is keen to point out Angela Carini. «I lost dad when I was in Japan. I’m going in France with an inner strength that comes from Above. It will be my last kilometer to cover with all of myself”, continues the boxer born in 1998. “There is superstition: I don’t expect anything. In my heart I’m going to get that most important medal not only for me but for my dad Peppe», she hopes confidently.

Platform. Cross your fingers Valerio Cuomo. «The dream is Paris. I still feel that I am unexpressed, that I have fought for years to reach this point and that I have given everything I could in the four-year period. Now the cards are in the hands of those who have to decide.” The son of art shows confidence. «I have the feeling that theItalspada has the ability to win the gold medal. I hope to have the opportunity to make my contribution.” Legitimate ambitions. «I want to be there. I feel that I have the right to be there, that I deserved the call-up and that I can really give a lot”, reiterates the brilliant fencer with conviction.

A new window opens for Sandro Cuomolooking Paris 2024 with different eyes and with a different role. «Wearing another shirt is strange after 40 years as an Italian, 20 as an athlete and the other half as a coach. Intriguing and exciting adventure withEgypta young and inexperienced team: it is the first time they have qualified for the Olympic Games”, reports the gold ad Atlanta 1996. «For this reason they turned to those with experience and to be guided in a competent manner. The Egyptian athletes must be directed and we will work on the technical-tactical management of the attacks”, promises the timeless swordsman.

From the Pyramids to the Eiffel Tower. «It will be a nice feeling and it would be even nicer to go with my son Valerio. I think he deserves it, he’s been at the top of the rankings for years. He is one of the strongest athletes around, in my opinion.” Explicit endorsement. «He deserves this call-up, which he would have also deserved in previous years. I hope that prudent choices are made, taking into account all the factors in the field, in particular technical and substantive ones”, he concludes Sandro Cuomo.

The champions of Crystal clear they thank the French Ambassador with affection and sympathy Italia, Martin Brienshis spokeswoman Myriam Gile Lise Moutumalayaconsul general of France a Napolireporting the inspector’s greetings Luca Piscoponational coordinator of Gold Flames (in the photos by Carlo Di Santo). Hoping to see each other again soon and with a new chapter to tell.

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