University of Commerce Clinches Victory in Kanagawa University Baseball Spring League

In the final week of the Kanagawa University Baseball Spring League, a game against Toin Yokohama University was held on Saturday, May 18th, with University of Commerce winning first, 1-0.
As a result, by winning one game from the second game onward, the team will win the Kanagawa University Baseball Spring League and qualify for the All Japan University Baseball Championship.

A suffocating pitcher’s battle, a five-inning battle that divided the pros and cons.

In the final week, there will be a head-to-head battle between the top-ranked University of Commerce and Toin Yokohama University, which is in second place based on winning percentage.
It was a battle for the championship, and in the early stages it was a suffocating pitcher’s battle. Starting pitcher Takane (4th year, attached to Bunsei University of Arts) had a perfect start until the third inning.
The game moved five times.
In the top of the 5th inning, Toin Yokohama University had one out with runners on 1st and 2nd base, and the next batter made a clean hit to the center field.
We were prepared to concede a goal, but a good return from center fielder Takeshima (4th year, Yawata Commercial) allowed us to touch out at home.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, the first batter of the inning, Oikawa (4th year, Yokohama Commercial), hit a home run over center, as if in response to pitcher Takane’s sticky pitch.
The home run, which broke the deadlock of the pitcher’s battle, was the only score of the game.

Oikawa’s priceless home run

Shutout relay by stable pitching staff

Not only was pitcher Takane, who was the starting pitcher (7 innings allowed, 5 hits, no runs allowed), stable, but the relief pitchers who followed him were solid in today’s game.
Pitcher Munakata (4th year, attached to Shonan Institute of Technology), who was second, and pitcher Kudo (1st year, attached to Bunsei University of Arts), who closed out the game, pitched no-hits.
Coupled with good defense from the fielders, it was a very tight game.

Pitchers Takane, Munakata, and Kudo showed outstanding pitching.

Tomorrow (May 19th) is a match for the championship.

May 19th (Sunday) is a match where the winner is literally at stake.
If they win tomorrow, they will qualify for the All-Japan Collegiate Baseball Championship for the first time in 13 years.
Both the bench and the stands are working together as one, working hard to win.
Please give us your enthusiastic support at the venue.

▷ Kanagawa University Baseball Spring League Game Week 7
2nd round Sunday, May 19th Yokohama University of Commerce vs. Toin University of Yokohama (game starts at 12:30)
All match venues are Kanto Gakuin University Gion Athlete Park (Kanto Gakuin University Kanazawa Bunko Campus)
*Admission is free; please use public transportation when visiting.

▷If you would like to know more about the match, please visit

▷Click here for match venue Kanto Gakuin University Gion Athlete Park.

▷For information on the Kanagawa University Baseball Federation, please see this page.

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