Transition and Learning: The 2024 Season of the Voyageurs de Jonquière

It is a season marked by transition, but above all learning, which awaits the Voyageurs de Jonquière in the Quebec Junior Elite Baseball League (LBJEQ). Not only did the staff change in the offseason and the lineup completely changed its face.

Many new players are therefore part of the Voyageurs roster for the 2024 season. The new general manager, Michaël Bélanger, however, does not use the term reconstruction to describe the state of his club.

“It’s difficult to find the right word, because even if we changed a lot of our players, we also have a good core in place currently. The word transition describes the situation better, but I would say the word learning is even better,” he explains.

According to him, the Voyageurs already have a solid core that could grow in the coming years.

Added to this are several rookie players. However, the team has very few experienced players, with only one player aged 21 and none aged 22.


Michaël Bélanger remains quite confident that his club will be competitive in each match.

During the last winter, he solidified his batting and pitching position by adding a few players who will have an important role to play.

“We will surely miss matches, but what is important for us this year is to be competitive. We want to grow in winning conditions and we will approach each match with the intention of winning it. If we apply this recipe, I think we could cause some surprises. »


In order to lead the Voyageurs to success, the staff turned to Jérémie Chalifour to fill the position of head coach.

“As I like to say, we establish values ​​on which to build a winning team. And for the head coach position, we wanted someone caring, who was not afraid to put in a lot of hours to improve the team. And we believe we found all this in Jeremiah. We think he will be able to help the players progress and, ultimately, bring the club to maturity. »


The Voyageurs season began on May 18 in Charlesbourg.

The local opening at the Stade Richard-Desmeules in Jonquière will take place on May 30.

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