The Troubled Legacy of the Charlotte Hornets: The Rise of the New ‘Jail Blazers’

What if the Charlotte Hornets were the new “Jail Blazers”, a name that refers to a dark period in the history of the Portland Trail Blazers? Like the Oregon franchise in the early 2000s, the North Carolina franchise collects players who are in trouble with the law. With even more serious matters than Rasheed Wallace and company since Miles Bridges was still condemned for having beaten up his partner and Brandon Miller is accused of being involved in a murder. Other Hornets players have been prosecuted for minor offenses. The latest being LaMelo Ball.

According to ESPN, a mother filed a complaint because the All-Star point guard allegedly hit her son in a car. The incident dates back to October 2023, during an event organized by the franchise. Ball was driving out when fans came up to him asking for an autograph. Among them, the son of the woman who is suing him. The latter was then 11 years old.

LaMelo Ball allegedly suddenly accelerated his vehicle once the light turned green and without paying attention to the boy, whom he hit before quickly leaving the scene. According to the mother, her son was severely injured in the back and foot while being deeply psychologically scarred by the fact of having been knocked down by his idol. She would claim more than $25,000 in interest by filing a complaint against the player and the franchise.

Beyond his performances on the field, the young man has made an unflattering reputation in multiplying car accidents and running red lights and other traffic violations (some of which are downright on YouTube) since he turned pro.

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