“The most intense week of my life”: Liverpool will pay a grandiose tribute to Klopp for his last

When we look from afar, this Liverpool-Wolverhampton, counting for the 38th day of the Premier League this Sunday at 5 p.m., does not seem very attractive. Without any stakes, the meeting pits the Reds, already assured of finishing third and competing in the Champions League next year, against Wolves stuck in the soft underbelly but already maintained. However, even if Manchester City and Arsenal will compete at the same time for the title of champion of England from a distance, one of the nerve centers of this final day of the championship will be located at Anfield.

“Saying goodbye is never pleasant”

Indeed, Jürgen Klopp, the historic Liverpool coach, will lead his last match on the bench of the club with 19 Premier League titles. “Out of energy”, the German technician announced on January 26 that this season would be his last on the banks of the Mersey. Almost four months later, D-Day has arrived, and Klopp is very apprehensive about it.

In a video posted on Instagram, the Reds coach addressed a few words to the supporters: “I want to call it a love story. Since day one, I have had an absolutely incredible time. I loved this experience and want to thank you for all the support you have given us over the years and for all the power you have given us. I always wondered if we felt like we were writing a story together and that’s how I feel today. It’s a good book. And if we read it in the future, we will have a smile on our faces. »

“It’s been the most intense week of my life,” he told the media during his final press conference on Friday. “We don’t need to pretend it’s a normal week because it’s not is not the case. I am a very pragmatic person. Yesterday (Thursday) the players said goodbye, we had a barbecue here. I had a lot of emotional moments of course. Saying goodbye is never pleasant, but saying goodbye without feeling sad or hurt would mean that the time was not right. The timing was great. It will be hard. »

A deep connection with the city and its inhabitants

Arriving on October 8, 2015, the man in the black cap quickly established himself as one of the most important coaches in Liverpool history. In nine seasons, the former Borussia Dortmund coach has won everything: the Champions League (2019), the Premier League (2020), the FA Cup (2022), the Community Shield (2022), the Carabao Cup (2022, 2024), the European Super Cup (2019) and the Club World Cup (2019). But beyond an exceptional record, it is above all through his personality and his close relationship with the supporters that Klopp has entered the hearts of the Scousers. A hot-blooded but classy man in all circumstances, the German was able to forge a deep bond with the city and its inhabitants, perfectly embracing their popular values. To the point of receiving the keys to the city.

“To me, that feels like a responsibility. If the city needs me, I’m here. I want to be useful in any way, he told the press. I take fantastic memories with me. Friendships forever. When time slips through your fingers, you don’t realize it until later. A decade in your life is huge. We used absolutely everything, tried to make the most of everything and enjoy it as much as possible. »

Already very emotional behind the microphones, the native of Stuttgart confessed that he “would not forget any day of this period” in Liverpool. “I met the best people I have ever met and the best club I could have imagined in a wonderful and very special city. Nothing is perfect these days, but the majority of people in this city come close. For the way they welcome you, the way they treat you. It’s wonderful to know that I spent a large part of my life here. »

Very moving festivities planned

One thing is certain, the tribute reserved by Liverpool to its hero promises to be grandiose. Videos retracing his journey at the head of the Reds, private ceremony with the staff… The club has already been paying more attention to its future ex-coach since the start of the week. Jürgen Klopp was even welcomed at Anfield by all the club’s employees this Friday, who applauded him before sharing a moment with him. Although nothing has yet been officially announced, preparations for the festivities began early in the week in preparation for the match against Wolverhampton. A huge mosaic forming the words “Danke Jürgen” should be deployed on the main stand of the stadium, a few moments after a “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which will undoubtedly be even more charged with emotion than usual.


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