The Impact of Regular Season Losses: How the Nuggets’ Defeat to the Spurs Altered Their Playoff Trajectory

By Mathieu S. | NBA Editor

The playoffs are sometimes played out for nothing, to the point where the regular season can have a huge impact. We know some Nuggets supporters who today regret this famous defeat against the Spurs at the end of the campaign.

Beaten by the Wolves after Game 7 this Sunday, the Nuggets are officially on vacation and will not be able to defend their title. A disappointment for fans, even if the franchise will return next year with the firm intention of revenge. However, the summer promises to be complicated for Mike Malone’s men, especially as changes are possible in the roster.

The Nuggets pinned for their defeat

After all, the regular season for Nikola Jokic and his partners was sometimes complicated, a sign that several changes are welcome. Among the worrying defeats of this team? The one against the Spurs, on April 12 and after having had a 23-point lead over Gregg Popovich’s men, before seeing an express comeback and Devonte’ Graham seal the victory.

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And here’s why the regular season matters: Denver avoids all that by winning in San Antonio.

We can see this as a hasty conclusion, but remember that the Nuggets had this first place in the West before falling against the Spurs. A victory (especially with a 23-point lead) seemed obvious, but Jokic and his teammates collapsed. Result ? They did not inherit the Thunder’s path, namely the Pelicans, the Mavericks and possibly the Wolves in the conference finals.

Still crazy to see how impactful the Nuggets’ loss to the Spurs was in the regular season. It changed the trajectory of the playoffs.

Losing to the Spurs may have cost the Nuggets the title.

Lose to Spurs? Bad idea for the Nuggets, whose course would have been radically different without this defeat. Not sure that the regrets are there for Nikola Jokic and his partners, who will return with revenge in 2025.

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