The CSD Board of Directors does not consider a sanction for Rocha and emphasizes the “loyal commitment” of the RFEF


The Board of Directors of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) also did not discuss this Friday any possible sanction for the current president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Pedro Rocha, who has committed “to collaborate loyally” with the new commission created to protect the federative entity.

According to sources from the CSD to Europa Press, finally the Board of Directors “has not addressed” any sanction for Rocha as a result of the file opened on April 15 by the Administrative Court of Sports (TAD), due to a very serious infraction to the consider that he had exceeded his duties as head of the RFEF Management Commission.

From the CSD they indicated that “there is the commitment of the RFEF to collaborate loyally” with the Supervision, Normalization and Representation Commission with the Commission that it created on April 25, something that the organization chaired by José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes has been assessed as “positive” and will allow the “functionality” of this new body to be deployed over the next few days, which will be chaired by Vicente del Bosque.

Thus, as RFEF sources informed Europa Press, Rocha will not be in the box at the San Mamés Stadium (Bilbao) this Saturday for the final of the Women’s Champions League between FC Barcelona and Olympique Lyon. Rocha will delegate the federative representation to María Ángeles García Chaves, who will sit next to Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA. And Álvaro de Miguel Casanueva, new general secretary of the RFEF, will also be in the box.

On April 15, the TAD notified the opening of a file to Pedro and the rest of the members of the Management Commission who took charge of the RFEF after the departure of Luis Rubiales, for having exceeded their duties, as could be the renewal of Luis de la Fuente as men’s national coach, following a complaint filed by the president of CENAFE, Miguel Galán.

Because this is a very serious infraction, the CSD Board of Directors must decide whether to agree to the provisional suspension or disqualification of the Extremaduran leader, proclaimed a few weeks ago by the Electoral Commission as the new president of the RFEF.

On April 25, the Board of Directors met, although it was only decided to create the Supervision, Standardization and Representation Committee that will oversee the operation of the RFEF in the coming months. On the 30th of that same month, the second scheduled meeting was canceled “due to the request for documentation requested by the TAD”, specifically “40 additional documents” related to the aforementioned sanctioning file opened against Rocha and the rest of the members of the Management Commission and that They will be required from the RFEF.

The RFEF had already come out in defense of Rocha and his Management Commission, which “always” acted “in accordance with the law and in the exercise of its powers”, making it clear that “all” the decisions that were made since the departure of Luis Rubiales as president after his suspension for kissing Jenni Hermoso after the World Cup final were done “with the utmost caution and respect, given the interim situation in which the institution found itself.”

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