The Battle for Wembley: Hummels Looks to Lead Dortmund Past Mbappé

The Battle for Wembley: Hummels Looks to Lead Dortmund Past Mbappé

Only HE can stop the greatest in the world! And beat Dortmund to Wembley for the 2013 final rematch!

Mats Hummels (35) has to eliminate Kylian Mbappé (25) in Dortmund’s giants second leg (first leg 1-0) in Paris (9 p.m./Amazon Prime). The duel between the 2014 world champions and the 2018 world champions.

If Hummels decides this key duel (“We have to do well as a team”) in favor of Dortmund, the dream of the final in London will become a reality. And he himself may have achieved the last highlight of his career. One thing is clear: his contract in Dortmund expires in the summer.

The future of Hummels depends on this

70-meter solo goalHe takes 7 opponents out of the game

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BILD asked him about his future plans: Will he decide? Or does a signal have to come from the club?

Hummels is open about his future for the first time: “I said early on that I wanted to make a decision very late. The club agreed to this. I want to look: What signals does the body give? In my private life, I have this issue with my son, which I take into consideration as he goes to school. It’s important to me that this can be compatible with what I do afterwards.”

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Apparently it has not yet been decided whether Hummels should be presented with a new contract. The final decision will probably not be made until the end of the season. BILD knows: The trend is towards separation.

Along with Marco Reus (34), Hummels is the only professional who was in the Wembley final in 2013 under star coach Jürgen Klopp. The world champion: “There are always parallels in successful seasons. Then and now, a lot of people said in the group stage that we wouldn’t necessarily get there.”

Like 11 years ago, he can show everyone again and perhaps enjoy his last big career highlight…

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