The Barbecue Business Cup: A Fun and Competitive Event in Regensburg

The Barbecue Business Cup, or BBQ for short, has long had a permanent place in the sports calendar and is very popular: the starting field is full after just a few days. What began in 2009 in the run-up to the Baseball World Cup in the stadium of the organizing Gugggenberg Legionnaires has long since become an institution in corporate sports in and around Regensburg in May.

And so at the 15th edition, 50 teams with some funny names and around 600 players fought for victory on ten places.

Although: Victory is by no means the decisive factor at the BBQ Cup: every year, lots of newcomers try to hit balls successfully and explore the supposedly complicated baseball rules in a casual atmosphere, gain insights and usually quickly realize how much Baseball can be fun.

After five rounds of games and 50 games over one section each in two and a half hours with results from 10:1 to 11:10, the two best representatives emerged from the teams that were supported by coaches from the first Legionnaires team: With each With two wins, the SG IFFOXX (11:3 against Novina Knights and 10:4 against Sharcitecs) and the Tax Angels (9:6 against Novina Knights and 11:3 against the Infineon Chip Crackers) qualified for the final, which always ends in stadium takes place.

Things got exciting there: IFFOXX won 13:12, received the cup from Legionnaires board member Armin Zimmermann and enjoyed the light show at the end. The tournament winner had already won the Winter BBQ Cup in 2023. This time, defending champion AVaLanche even competed with two teams and took sixth and eighth place. All participating teams, their results and team photos can also be found online at


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