Sky Journalist Francesco Modugno Discusses Napoli’s Future Plans and Transfer Market Dynamics

“From yesterday’s conference (ed Thursday) said Sky journalist Francesco Modugno to Radio Marte during Forza Napoli Semper – I liked a rational vision. Starting with the stadium issue, the need to build a sports center but also the rationality of the president, who wants a very strong Napoli, and it is legitimate, but it will take time. Also a very lucid president who admitted that all players are transferable, even those you would like to keep or those who in the vision would be and are a bridge to the future. Then there is the market with its dynamics. In short, we need to start again. What I didn’t like, the ghosts of the past, Giuntoli, Spalletti. I think history cannot be rewritten. I think that De Laurentiis, for these 20 years, deserves extraordinary corporate and football merits. Gasperini is the profile that Napoli tends to wait for for a few more days because with his Atalanta he is making history, that of the club, and that of him. It is a strong, authoritative candidacy, parallel to that of Conte with whom the dialogue continues between spurts and slowdowns. With Pioli and Italiano being options that are there but which at the moment seem a bit parallel to me. On the “thought” that De Laurentiis dedicated to me yesterday, I thought that in these 20 years, perhaps, only I was missing and therefore I took it with a smile. At first I was taken aback, then I remembered my first time at San Paolo with my father, 1982, Napoli-Genoa – the infamous 2-2 draw with Castellini who put the ball in the corner and Faccenda’s goal – the birth of the twinning. And I smiled a little bitterly. But then I believe that people are much more interested in the seriousness, rigor and professionalism with which I do this job, I hope also adding a bit of quality”

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2024-05-18 12:02:51
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