Shirine Boukli Wins Bronze at Astana Grand Slam

Mission accomplished ! Registered for the Astana Grand Slam to improve her 6th place in the Olympic ranking list before the Paris Games, Shirine Boukli took the bronze medal in less than 48 kg on Friday in Kazakhstan. The Frenchwoman dominated the Spaniard Gemma Maria Gomez Antona (22), 56th in the world, by scoring waza ari on a sumi gueshi.

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While she had qualified without difficulty until the semi-final, the Habs came across a bone in the person of the local of the stage, the Kazakhstani Galiya Tynbayeva.

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Aligned in – 57 kg, Sarah-Léonie Cysique also lost in the semi-final and will fight Turkmen Maysa Pardayeva to get a third place. Among the men, Walide Khyar was eliminated from the start in the – 66 kg category.

2024-05-10 20:32:05
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