Shinshu Brave Warriors Reappoint Michael Katsuhisa as Head Coach and President for 2024-25 Season

Shinshu Brave Warriors Reappoint Michael Katsuhisa as Head Coach and President for 2024-25 Season

On May 21st, the Shinshu Brave Warriors announced the appointment of Michael Katsuhisa, head coach and president of basketball operations…

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The Shinshu Brave Warriors announced on May 21 that they have reached a basic agreement with Michael Katsuhisa to continue his contract as head coach and president of basketball operations.

Head coach Katsuhisa previously led the Yokohama B-Corsairs and Shimane Susanoo Magic, and was an assistant coach for the Tochigi Brex (now the Utsunomiya Brex), before taking over as head coach of Shinshu in the 2018-19 season. The following season, he led the team to promotion to B1, and in the 2020-21 season, they set a new record for the most wins by a club promoted to B1. In the 2023-24 season, they started well with two consecutive wins at the start of the season, but then suffered seven straight losses. With 10 wins and 50 losses, they finished 7th in the Central Division and 23rd overall in the league, and were demoted to B2.

The manager and CEO Yasuyuki Kido made the following comment on the club’s website:

“This past year has been a really tough year, and after the season ended, I needed time to sort out my feelings. I’m sure it was a similar season for everyone who supported me. However, Even in a season like this, I think there was a sense of hope for the future, with the growth of the players and the players who will be treasures for the future of Shinshu. I feel that being able to reach the point where we can even see the entry of B Premier was a great achievement that will greatly influence the future of this club, and sometimes one part of the club grows, and sometimes other parts grow. I think there are times when we struggle in different ways, but overall I think this club continues to grow significantly every year.I think every team will reach a rebuilding phase. Our goal for this club is to become the best team in Japan. We want to continue to work together as a club to reach our goal.”

“I truly value all of you, the people who have built this team since its founding, those who have supported us for a long time, and those who have newly come to support us.And I truly value this team. As a family, we have built a community here in Nagano, which we love, and are supported by many people, making it an irreplaceable place. I’m happy to be able to settle down and continue to build this team.As a coach, my primary concern is the growth of the players.We’ve been trying to build this team up again for the sake of the players in Shinshu. While continuing to push the team every day with the lofty goal of building a culture and growing daily to become the best in Japan, we hope that the players and those who support them will feel even more joy and excitement. , I want to continue growing and moving forward as a coach.” (HC Katsuhisa)

“It has been decided that Head Coach Michael Katsuhisa will continue in his position for the 2024-25 season. I am pleased to be able to compete alongside a head coach who has such a strong love for Shinshu next season. I expect him to instill the foundation he has built up so far into the entire team, re-establish our culture, and contribute greatly to our victory. The club and the team will work together to ensure that Head Coach Michael can give his all.” (President Kido)

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