Sergio García Dols remains leader in Moto2 with a second in Montmeló

David Alonso wins in Moto3 and takes the lead from Dani Holgado

Iván Ortolá and José Antonio Rueda get on the podium in the small category in Montmeló


The Japanese rider Ai Ogura (Boscoscuro) has achieved victory in the Moto2 race of the Catalunya Grand Prix, the sixth round of the motorcycle World Championship, against the Spanish Sergio García Dols (Boscoscuro), who remains leader of the intermediate displacement, while that the Colombian David Alonso (CFMoto) has won in Moto3 ahead of the Spaniards Iván Ortolá (KTM) and José Antonio Rueda (KTM) and has taken the lead from Dani Holgado (GasGas).

In Moto2, in a race marked by the fall of Fermín Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) when he was leading, the MT Helmets-MSI confirmed his second consecutive double after the one achieved in Le Mans, where he won a García Dols who with this second place settles in the leadership of the World Cup with 21 points over, precisely, Ogura.

The until now second in the championship, the American Joe Roberts (Kalex), could only be eleventh. The British Jake Dixon (Kalex) closed the podium in Montmeló.

Despite the difficulties at the start, poleman García Dols retained the lead of the race, although Fermín Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) took only two laps to overtake him to begin pulling with the man from Burriana at his wheel. They both broke the group and managed to escape.

The Valencian always kept close to the Murcian, who saw how the race became complicated when, on lap 14, he received a ‘long lap’ penalty for stepping on the green. However, he did not have time to fulfill it, since in the next turn he lost control of the bike and went into the gravel.

García Dols remained at the head of the race, but his teammate, the Japanese Ai Ogura (Boscoscuro), slowly closed in. With four laps to go, the Japanese man managed to overtake him and no one could beat him, leading a podium completed by García Dols and Dixon.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Alcoba (Kalex) finished a creditable fourth place, Albert Arenas (Kalex) finished sixth, Marcos Ramírez (Kalex) was seventh and Alonso López (Boscoscuro), eighth. Jorge Navarro (Forward), twelfth, finished outside the ‘Top 10’; Jaume Masià (Kalex), fourteenth; Alex Escrig (Forward), twentieth; Xavi Artigas (Forward), twenty-first; and Manu González (Kalex), twenty-third.

Aldeguer, Izan Guevara (Kalex), Daniel Muñoz (Kalex) and Arón Canet (Kalex), all due to falls, did not finish the test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

In the first race of the day, the Colombian David Alonso (CFMoto) achieved his second consecutive victory, after Le Mans, ahead of the Spanish Iván Ortolá (KTM) and José Antonio Rueda (KTM), a result that allows him to take the leadership goes to Dani Holgado (GasGas), sixth in Montmeló.

With his fourth victory of the season, eighth of his life, Alonso managed to regain first place in the World Championship, which he had already enjoyed after his victory in the first Grand Prix of the season. With this, he dominates the overall drivers’ standings with 118 points, 14 more than Holgado from Alicante.

Poleman Ortolá retained his privileged position once the traffic lights went out, while Holgado rose from ninth to second position at the start. However, just a couple of laps later, the Dutchman Collin Veijer (Husqvarna) took the lead.

They were vibrant first laps in which the lead changed hands, with Holgado leading from lap 5 and Ortolá replicating. The two Spaniards and the Dutchman swapped their positions and, behind them, a large group of about 12 units waited for any misstep from those in front.

Veijer seemed to settle into first place after the eighth lap, while Holgado and Alonso fought their particular battle for the lead of the World Championship, exchanging overtakes. The Colombian rider, at track record pace, assumed the lead of the race on lap 11 and tried to pull with Ortolá and Veijer at his wheel and Holgado, José Antonio Rueda (KTM), David Muñoz (KTM) a little behind. behind.

On the last lap, Rueda joined the leading trio and overtook the Dutchman to get on the podium, led by Alonso followed by Ortolá. In addition, Muñoz completed the ‘Top 5’ and Holgado had to settle for sixth place.

Among the rest of the Spaniards, Adrián Fernández (Honda) closed his participation tenth, Ángel Piqueras (Honda) was twelfth, Joel Esteban (CFMoto) finished fourteenth and Xabi Zurutuza (KTM), nineteenth. Finally, David Almansa (Honda) failed to finish the race due to a fall.

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