Saint-Jacques Secures Promotion to N2 in Accession Play-offs

The advantage of playing at home allowed Saint-Jacques to win the accession play-offs to N2. It started well, with a victory, Saturday, against Les Ponts-de-Cé (7-1), and Fougères, yesterday, by the same score, via a draw (4-4), during the second match against Bordeaux 2.

“During the first part, we thought it would be more hooked, admits François Menuge. It still allowed us to get off to a good start. Then, against Bordeaux who seemed to be pulling away, we put in a superb performance. So, a parity score against Fougères was enough for us to finish in one of the first two places. »

“It was a club goal”

In the end, Saint-Jacques finished undefeated, taking first place and securing his ticket for N2. “It’s a great satisfaction, a club objective even, since the N3 moves up to N2, the Prenational to N3 and the R1 to Prenational, savors François Menuge. Ultimately, it was easier to win these playoffs than to finish at the top of your group during the championship. Now, we want to strengthen ourselves with, at least, one player. »

Behind Saint-Jacques, Bordeaux 2 finished in second place, ahead of Fougères, thirdand Les Ponts-de-Cé. “We gave everything, we are in our place, confides Ronan Montfort, for the Fougerais. Even if we wanted to go up, we are happy because we did what we wanted. Overall, we had perhaps overestimated Bordeaux (5-3 defeat), compared to Saint-Jacques. Then, fatigue arrived against Les Ponts-de-Cé, since we only won 5-3, before being dominated by Saint-Jacques. »

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Despite the non-accession, Ronan Montfort still enjoyed these two days: “It was cool to experience, I loved it! There are no regrets. Why not go back next year? »

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