Rose Hanbury’s Alleged Affair with Prince William Resurfaces: What’s Really Going On?

In mid-March, Rose Hanbury was forced to speak out – through her lawyers – after rumors of her alleged affair with Prince William gained strength again. The Marchioness of Cholmondeley He assured that “it was totally false.” Since then, Hanbury has been away from the spotlight until last week, when her latest movements managed to spark all kinds of speculation. Rose was seen meeting Queen Camilla at the closing of the Badminton Horse Trials. She also attended the Order of the British Empire ceremony at Paul’s Cathedral in London. Now the media is beginning to point out what Rose Hanbury’s new behavior would hidesince, in a very short time, Guillermo’s alleged lover has been gradually approaching the British Crown. Without a doubt, the nightmare of Kate Middleton, who continues to be immersed in her cancer treatment, re-enters the scene. Some newspapers such as ‘The List’ even suggest that the Marchioness of Cholmondeley would have a whole plan to “usurp the place of the Princess of Wales.”


The issue of the alleged infidelity between Rose Hanbury and Guillermo has been making headlines in the media, both inside and outside the country, since last 2019. Although it seemed that the marchioness had managed to silence all this rumor mill when it became known that she had taken legal measures and issued a statement denying everything, the truth is that, during the past week, things changed. Last Wednesday, May 15, Rose Hanbury made a double comeback, where he was closer than ever to the British Royal Family.

First of all, he met Queen Camilla. Rose was photographed by the cameras bowing to the monarch, where she also wore a changed look with a curly hairstyle. On the other hand, there was a most significant detail in her styling. And it is that Rose He was wearing a Lock Hatters hat.; one of Middleton’s favorites and which, in addition, looked very similar to one we had previously seen of the Princess of Wales. “Hanbury’s hat also struck a chord, as it seemed identical to a hat previously worn by Kate,” they wrote from ‘The List’ portal.


It was a brief meeting, but both were very complicit and they had time to chat. That same day, in the afternoon, the marchioness went with her husband, David Cholmondeleyto the majestic ceremony of the Order of the British Empire -in Paul’s Cathedral in London-, where his son played an important role. Lord Oliver Cholmondeley was the page and in charge of hemming the English monarch’s scarlet tunic. So far, so good, we could think that Rose came only to support her son in such a special moment, although the hypotheses used by the British media go in other directions. Rose Hanbury would be taking advantage of the opportunity to get closer to the Crown and be seen at these types of events. A strategy that would be carried out while Kate Middleton remains away from her royal obligations.

However, apart from this idea supported by media such as ‘The List’, the truth is that the Marquises of Cholmondele They have previously been to other events of the British Royal Family, such as, for example, at the coronation of King Charles III, in May 2023. At that time, a person very close to the couple came to their defense and assured that the relationship between Rose and the princes of Wales went back a long way. “There has never been any enmity between Kate and Rose. The family are former allies of the Crown,” this source assured ‘Daily Beast’ in 2023.


In the face of all these controversies, the British Royal House has a very forceful philosophy that the late Elizabeth II imposed decades ago: “Never complain, never explain”, which is based on never giving explanations in compromised situations and hoping that the entire media barrage disappears. This matter of alleged infidelity became very excessive in the media; However, the Royal Family never broke its silence and they have never spoken out. In turn, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley maintains that He wants to continue with his quiet life and tries by all means to ensure that his name is not splashed. with the alleged infidelity with Guillermo, despite the fact that the British media points in another direction. As she stated, she wants to continue with her quiet life, where her biggest priorities are her husband and her three children. The couple has been married since 2003, thanks to her marriage, she obtained the title of Marchioness of Cholmondeley. As a result of her marriage, her three children came into the world; two 15-year-old twins, Alexander, Earl of Rocksavage, and Oliver, Lord Cholmondeley, and little Lady Iris, 8.

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