Room Coffee Factory Joins the Daily Cafe Lineup at Soka Marui in June!

In June, “Daily Cafe” will be held at Soka Marui, where the cafe changes every day of the week.Room Coffee Factory” will be joining the group!

[Soka City]The “Daily Cafe” will be changing! Starting Monday, April 1st!

“Room Coffee Factory” is a coffee bean roaster with a pug as its logo, located in Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture.
They roast high-quality coffee beans from all over the world and sell them fresh.
There are more than 20 varieties in the lineup!

Provided by: Room Coffee Factory

Room Coffee Factory not only has a store, but also sets up stalls at markets and events mainly in Kasukabe City, but this time they will be opening a stall in Soka City for the first time!

Provided by: Room Coffee Factory

“Room Coffee Factory” is in charge of:Sunday

Provided by: Room Coffee Factory

June 2 (Sunday) and 16 (Sunday) 2024 from 11:00 to 18:00
*There may also be an opening on Sunday, June 30th.

The drinks that will be on sale are:

  • Hot Coffee (Brazil)
  • iced coffee
  • Cascara Soda
  • Cascara Ole
  • Cascara Milk
  • The items to be sold on the day are:

  • Coffee beans (ground)
  • Drip Bag
  • Other Cascara Products
  • *A drink made from cascara (the flesh and skin of coffee cherries)

    Why not come and find your favorite coffee beans at Room Coffee Factory, which is opening its first store in Soka City?

    “Room Coffee Factory” Official Instagram

    Thank you to Room Coffee Factory for your help despite your busy schedule!

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