Rookie Receiver Kaleb Slaughter on Being Signed by the New Orleans Saints

JC: First things first, I have to ask what was it like getting a call from the New Orleans Saints?

KS: It was a dream come true! I was with important family members and friends, and I’m thankful they sat with me. To be honest with you, I don’t even know if it’s set in yet. I’m sure when I get down there, it will hit me. It’s something I’ve thought of and followed closely for fifteen years, so I’m extremely thankful.

JC: Did other teams reach out? If so, why did you choose the Saints as the team you wanted to sign with?

KS: I had Tampa Bay, Chicago, Cincinnati, and then obviously the Saints. They were the first to get a hold of my agent and then me. It was an easy choice for me. The culture I’ve read about, the players in the locker room, and the receiver room were a great fit. I’m extremely thankful to be with the New Orleans Saints.

JC: The Saints have had a lot of luck the past few years in undrafted receivers. The most recent example is Rashid Shaheed, who made his first Pro Bowl this year. Did that stand out to you when choosing to sign with the team?

KS: It definitely did! That’s someone I looked at and he had a great year. I think it was close to 800 receiving yards. I followed his journey a bit and what he’s been able to do there. Just knowing he can develop like that and have that coaching staff around him gives me hope that I can carve a role with the team.

2024-05-04 15:23:00
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