Rocchese-Torella dei Lombardi, playoffs: small steps towards what they deserve

Under an incessant rain, Rocchese achieved a victory on the pitch against Torella dei Lombardi, supported by a group of Ultras who demonstrated that they deserved a category far superior to the current one. And which they are approaching little by little after today’s exploit in the semi-final.

From the first meeting in which I saw them at work, during the match against Atletico Nuceria, they had impressed me with their performance and the enthusiasm that exudes from the fans’ exploits, which today fully confirm their value. The match begins with a choreography of smoke bombs that envelops the entire local sector, welcoming the team onto the pitch. An evocative moment made possible by a respite granted by the rain.

The ultras are presented in a homogeneous manner in color and arranged compactly behind the exposed pieces. The match, also fought by the teams on the field, was warmly supported with a fast-paced rhythm of drums and clapping and a beautiful succession of chants.

The visiting supporters crowd their sector in equally compact and worthy numbers, brandishing flags and welcoming the team onto the pitch with an imposing motivational shield displayed in the first moments of the match, accompanied by smoke bombs. They will be noticed for the entire duration of the match, without real chants but mainly through drums, chants and the use of stadium trumpets. Despite the absence of a real organized ultras group, they still demonstrated their attachment to the team with sporadic but dignified support.

At the end of the match, beautiful celebrations on the pitch, which saw the winners rejoicing and the visiting team particularly moved by disappointment, in any case both warmly welcomed by their supporters.

Some final “skirmishes” between the fans, however contained, which altered the festive spirit a bit.

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2024-05-20 14:37:05
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