Roar and flags. In the retirement home, they have a fan zone with Bob and Bobko

Roar and flags.  In the retirement home, they have a fan zone with Bob and Bobko

They are not that big, but they are real. Two white-eared dogs sit on the laps of the home’s cheering clients and let their ears be scratched during the game.

“The clients are cheering with great enthusiasm, you can see the national pride in them. They watch every match of the national team. The entrance hall, where we have a large TV screen, is always completely full, there are about fifty to seventy people,” Andrea Faltysová, director of the Clementas home in Mlékovice, confirmed to Práva.

One of the clients, Zdeněk Hradecky, was already looking forward to the evening match with the Americans during Thursday. “They have a chance to advance, although the last one with Canada didn’t go very well, but I believe in them. If I cheer, then hopefully it will work out. It certainly helped a lot that players like Pastrňák arrived, he is strong and skilful like Jarda Jágr, that certainly fits the game,” said Zdeněk Hradecky.

Proper conditions were already being prepared before the match. There are plates of potato chips or sliced ​​sausage on the tables during matches, and even beer is available. “Non-alcoholic, of course, because the clients are taking medication,” assured the director. “We want to create the atmosphere that people have at home. There, the guys also sit in front of the TV and cheer. It’s the same here, I was just surprised that it’s not just men who cheer, but we also have a lot of female fans here,” added Andrea Faltysová.

Photo: Domov Clementas, Novinky

Refreshments are also available while cheering.

Mlékovický dom is an exception among similar social facilities, and clients can also have animals here. Therefore, it was not a problem for the rabbits who live here with the clients to find a facility here. Under normal circumstances, soft animals are mainly therapists, but during matches they replace well-known mascots.

Photo: Domov Clementas, Novinky

In the home for the elderly in Mlékovice, they also have hockey mascots Boba and Bobka.

Even stationary clients don’t miss out on the game. Those who can walk into the lobby alone, others arrive in wheelchairs, bedridden people watch matches in their rooms, and even they tend to have flags hanging on the walls by their beds. In addition to the hockey championship, local clients also enjoy other sports competitions. “The television in the hall is also used during the Olympics, you can go through the hall to the dining room or out, clients stop here, we will add armchairs and chairs for them and they can watch the events,” said the director. Other matches are also watched here when the Czechs are not playing, but the hall is not usually so full. “They also get together, but it’s more like those rock hockey fans watching it in their rooms. The busiest time here is during the matches of the national team,” confirmed Director Faltysová.

Photo: Domov Clementas, Novinky

People at Dom Clementas mainly cheer for the national team’s matches, but they also gather for other matches.

And on Thursday, the hall was getting ready again for the evening match. “If we keep our fingers crossed like this, it must work out,” Andrea Faltysová believed before the quarterfinal match. “All our players are good, I trust them,” said Zdeněk Hradecky, who was also preparing to watch the key match. He did not dare to guess who will win the gold medal this year. “Hard to say. Hopefully, ours could be among the top three,” hoped Mlěkovice fan Zdeněk Hradecky.

Photo: Domov Clementas, Novinky

Hockey fans in the Mlěkovice home for the elderly. In the foreground, Zdeněk Hradecky was tipping one of the medals for the Czech hockey players.

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