Rising Stars: Success at the French Horseback Archery Championship for L’Arche du Capimont Equestrian Center

the essentials The Arche du Capimont equestrian center has just shone at the French Horseback Archery Championship (TAC) in Lamotte-Beuvron.

L’Arche du Capimont offers multiple activities related to horses and pony all year round, organized and led by Bruno and Nathalie Coucoulis, known and recognized for their skill, their passion and their desire to innovate.

This is how Bruno and Nathalie created a Living Space (LVA) at the center a few years ago, approved by Child Social Assistance (ASE), which can accommodate six children, aged 7 to 18 years. “We welcome them until they reach the age of majority. They go to school and the center. They do many activities, including horse riding. The horse is thus a vector of well-being and social integration.”

Among the center’s activities, horseback archery quickly found its stride. “After 17 years of operation, for the first time in this discipline we have set up a team of five young people, including three from Lieu de vie, with the aim of qualifying and participating in the 2024 French championship in Lamotte-Beuvron,” recalls Bruno Coucoulis. An adventure started in September 2023 with three training sessions per week, and four qualifying competitions.

And in the end, exceptional results, with three podiums, Marie, 15 years old, champion of France in club category 3, Anthony (13 years old) vice champion of France in club category 3, Titouan Coucoulis (12 years old), the son, vice champion in club category 2, and Bruno, 6th in senior elite.

Great satisfaction for Nathalie and Bruno: “We want to give the opportunity to young people from LVA who wish to participate in all these competitions, to be able to take them as far as possible without curbing their ambition. Sport makes them grow and after each competition they emerge stronger and more confident. Through sport, we give them back self-confidence, self-esteem and the esteem of others.

Bruno and Nathalie who thank Christophe Ramond, president of the Department and the services of the ASE “who give us the means to carry out such a project which allows children in difficulty to regain balance, strength and confidence in our company.

With the icing on the cake being the fact that “Titouan was spotted by the national coach for the European Championships”.

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