Risaralda Athletes Ready for Intercollegiate Games Final with Government Support

Government gave flag to athlete who will be in the final of the Intercollegiate Games

  • Risaralda will enter the competition with 65 athletes in 7 disciplines.

Pereira, May 20, From May 26 to June 10, Valledupar and Bogotá will host the national final of the 2023 Intercollegiate Games, in which Risaralda will be present with a large delegation in sports such as swimming, table tennis, badminton, which won delivered the 14 Star flag.

The event, which was led by the Secretary of Sports, Recreation and Culture of Risaralda, Luis Eduardo Duque Sanz, also served to award the sports implementation to the athletes and their coaches, who hope to make a great presentation at the national level.

“We were delivering the Risaralda flag and the equipment to these athletes who work for the Department and who will be representing us in the final of the Intercollegiate Games; success to all of them. Special thanks to the leagues and schools that gave us the opportunity to have more than 60 athletes in this national final,” said Luis Eduardo Duque Sanz.

Among the athletes who will travel in the coming days, the presence of Isabella Ramírez, an athlete assigned to the Risaraldense Swimming League, stands out, who this weekend won two gold medals in the Reto Titanes that was held in Cartagena.

“I am very happy to be able to represent my school La Inmaculada, Pereira and Risaralda in this final of the Intercollegiate Games; “I’m going to leave everything in the pool for the department and I hope to make a great presentation,” the swimmer pointed out.

Another of Risaralda’s references in these national competitions is Melisa Guarín, one of the promising table tennis players: “I have prepared very well to take on this new challenge and I am going to give my all for my department in these Intercollegiate Games,” said the athlete from Santa Rosa.

Finally, Miguel Ángel Quintero, Risaralda’s flag-bearing athlete, expressed his commitment and satisfaction at being the bearer of the green and white flag at the national level: “I feel very proud to be the athlete championed by Risaralda in these Games; “We are going to leave everything in the competitions,” concluded Quintero, a swimming athlete.

The delegation of the Green department of Colombia will be made up of 65 athletes, 10 coaches and 6 members of the support staff.

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