Reviving Rural Communities: The Creation of 1000 Dojos Across France

The French Judo Federation and the National Sports Agency have proposed the creation of 1000 Dojos made available to affiliated clubs, by rehabilitating vacant premises belonging to the municipalities. The idea is that the games do not only benefit Paris and its outskirts and to bring sport to the heart of the regions, particularly in the rural world. In Haute-Vienne, 7 Dojos are being created. Example in Magnac-Bourg.

Very close to the town hall of Magnac-Bourg, an industrial wasteland, a former bakers’ workshop, is in full swing. Workers crowd inside and on the walls, a local artist, Sëma Lao, is busy. A huge, very colorful fresco of 150 square meters will soon reveal the face of Fanny-Estelle Posvite, famous Upper Viennese judoka, one of the three best in France. She will give her name to the immense dojo which is being built inside. It will be the second largest in Haute-Vienne.

“This dojo will be more than 300 square meters on the ground with toilets and changing rooms. The tatami surface area will be 168 m². The aim of the game is to rehabilitate old disused or fallow premises to revive them as complexes sportsmen”, explains Cédric Laurent, works manager for Eiffage.

Rehabilitate existing buildings rather than build new. This is one of the conditions set by the French Judo Federation and the National Sports Agency which assume nearly 85% of the cost. An incredible boon for the town. For a long time, she had wanted to do something with this wasteland.

The former wasteland does not look like much and will turn into a huge dojo with a colorful fresco • © France Télévisions-Noëlle Vaille

“The municipality does not have the competence either in sport, or economic and industrial. Which means that we cannot be project owners since we do not have the right to subsidies. We were in this expectation, we wanted to do something sporty, we didn’t really know how and suddenly the sky brightened, the light came and bang, we jumped at the chance! rejoices Éric-Olivier Lochard, first deputy mayor of Magnac-Bourg.

The idea was suggested to the municipal team by Adrien Lacombe, coach of the Alliance Judo Limoges 87 in Magnac-Bourg. The club has been present in the town since 2018, but a little cramped in a 60m² room. At the start of the school year, little budding judokas will be able to frolic on a tatami three times larger. The opportunity for the club to recruit new members and expand its sporting offering. This is precisely the idea of ​​the federation which, with this operation, wants to give more resources to the club and develop the practice in the territories.

“For the moment, we only offer courses on Wednesday evenings. Next year, we will offer courses on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will also offer courses during school holidays and weekends. “. The club will thus be able to increase its number of licensees and go from 35 to 85 members. It could also create employment.

The building will be delivered on June 15. Six other Dojos are built in Haute-Vienne for 1.2 million euros, making the department the main beneficiary of the operation in New Aquitaine.

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