Raider Alfonso Martinez Shines on the Mound as Athletics Bologna Battles for Second Place in Serie A Group D

Raider Alfonso Martinez Shines on the Mound as Athletics Bologna Battles for Second Place in Serie A Group D

Raider Alfonso Martinez on the mound of Athletics Bologna

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Nettuno 1945 already closes the score for first place in group D, but there is absolute balance in the fight for second with Fiorentina, Godo and Athletics in the space of just one victory.

Nettuno 1945 exaggerates in match one against Padule, because he sets a sensational record by scoring 14 points in the second inning, with 6 bases per ball and only hits on the unfortunate Molina. The Tuscan opponent clearly goes down and nothing more happens, with an anticipated 15-0 after six innings. Very wide gap also in match two (15-1) even if at the end of the sixth the score was “only” 3-1. The Lazio box goes wild between the seventh and eighth innings, in the end Gonzalez Freitas even closes with an excellent 4 out of 6, while Zazza reaches 3 out of 5. The home starter Silva Mena does his best for five shots, the guest Silva Nolasco concedes at Padule only one hit in six innings. Nettuno remains in command of group D with 12 victories, the only undefeated in the entire Serie A.

On Sunday instead there were doubles for Lupi Auto Fiorentina against Lions Dolphins and for Athletics Bologna against Godo. In the first case, Fontana is the protagonist, with a home run in the two innings over the top for the Tuscans, who, down 3-5, scored ten points between the eighth and ninth (it finished 3-15). Long balance in the match, resolved narrowly (1-0) again with Fontana in evidence. Florence is now second (8-4), while Godo-Athletics are tied in third place with a 7-5 record.

The starters from Romagna were not bad but the lower part of the line up was lacking, even 0 out of 18 in the two races. Bologna doesn’t do anything special but takes advantage of every opportunity and celebrates in the two matches against Godo for 2-0 and 3-2.

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