Pradines Lot Basket Team Secures 1st Place in Regional Championship and Advances to Pre-National

We know it’s a good season for the Pradines Lot Basket team, which finished the Regional 2 championship in Pool C Pyrenees in 1st place, with only one defeat to its credit, opening the doors to the pre-national!

This Regional 2 championship of the Occitanie League included four groups: Mediterranean, Pyrenees A, Pyrenees B and therefore Pyrenees C. At the end of the championship, IE-CTC Ouest Montpellier Métropole Basket finished 1st in the Mediterranean group, with a flawless (18 victories out of 18 matches). In Group A Pyrénées, Juillan Basket (65) finished first with 19 victories in 22 matches. In pool B Pyrénées, Vacquiers-Bouloc Basket takes 1st place with 19 victories in 22 matches, and finally in pool C Pyrénées, Pradines Lot Basket is in 1st place with 19 victories in 20 matches.

The first leg at Vacquiers-Bouloc on Sunday

A classification was then made based on the results between the four teams finishing 1st in their respective groups, and determining the semi-final matches for the title of Regional 2 champions: Montpellier 1st, Pradines Lot Basket 2nd, Vacquiers-Bouloc 3rd and Juillan 4th. In accordance with the regulations, the first will meet the 4th and the second will face the 3rd, in two-way matches, on Sundays May 26 and June 2. The winners of these semi-finals will play for the title of Regional 2 champions on June 8 or 9.

The Reds and Blacks will travel for their first match to Vacquiers-Bouloc on Sunday May 26; for the return match, it is at the Cabessut sports complex that the Coccinelles will host, at 3:30 p.m., Sunday June 2, and of course many supporters are expected to support the Lotoises in this new challenge!

Whatever the outcome of these semi-finals, the Pradinoises and their staff can be proud of the progress they have made, despite a season punctuated by too many injuries. It now remains to have as much fun as possible by offering a good women’s basketball show, and why not extend the pleasure until the end!

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