Pol Fernández to Leave Boca Juniors: A Look at His Legacy and Future

Pol Fernández made the decision not to renew his contract with Boca and leave the club at the end of the year. Yesterday the Football Council was notified and it is expected that in the coming weeks a decision will be made on whether or not he will continue to be taken into account by Diego Martínez.

The club suspects that the 32-year-old player has an offer from a club in Brazil and could sign a pre-contract from July 1. Meanwhile, the arguments put forward by the player are different: he maintains that the central reason has to do with the disapproval he suffered from a large part of the fans.

The criticism for Pol began in the Hugo Ibarra cycle and deepened with Jorge Almirón, but it became even more acute after the lost final of the Copa Libertadores last against Fluminense.

Although in the last games he changed whistles for applause, the decision has been made. That is to say, the economic issue would not have to do with the moment of renegotiating a new relationship with the club.

In Boca they still believe that they still have a card to play and it has to do with Juan Román Riquelme. The president always spoke very highly of Pol and was not at the meeting in which the midfielder commented on his decision because they are betting that the Xeneize boss can twist that position.

Pol Fernández’s numbers in his three cycles in Boca

He is living his third stage at the Xeneize club, where he played in the lower divisions until reaching First Division. His debut was in February 2012 against Rosario Central for the Argentine Cup and in total he has accumulated 160 games, in which he scored nine goals and gave eight assists.

As for titles, he has accumulated six with the Xeneize shirt: Argentine Cup 2012, Super League 2020, League Cup 2020, League Cup 2022, Professional League 2022 and Super Cup 2022.

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