Piacenza Shares Double Header with Porta Mortara: One Loss, One Win

A double version of Piacenza shares the post with Porta Mortara. The worst face was shown in game 1, lost 12-2, the best in game 2, won 12-5. Consequently, third place in the standings can be maintained on the eve of the away match against league leaders Avigliana.


MORTARA DOOR 0-0-2-2-0-3-5 12

PIACENZA 0-0-2-0-0-0-0 2

Lineup: Pancini 3b, Calderon ed, Hernandez 2b, Loardi dh, D’Auria 1b, Marelli ss, albasi es, Torelli ric, Zironi rc. Pitchers: Cufrè (rl5 bv10 bb1 k6 pgl7), Lovattini (rl1.1 bv4 bb2 k3 pgl3), Naccarella (rl0.2 bv2 bb2 k0 pgl2).

Bad morning for Piacenza who started in trouble and ended worse, suffering their first defeat of the season due to obvious inferiority (12-2 in 7th). The match remained 0-0 for two innings with the red and whites seeming to promise sparks, with 5 left on base which unfortunately, however, in hindsight, would end up resulting in a clear prelude to an offensive inconsistency that would characterize the entire match. In the 3rd back and forth with 2 points from Novara to which the hosts respond with as many arrivals at home plate resulting from a hit (Calderon), a base (to Hernandez), an error and Loardi’s sacrifice fly. And note how even in the most profitable moment there is no trace of valid red and whites. Novara senses the feat and in the 4th pushes Piacenza into the corner with another 2 points (4-2). Cufrè is forced to abdicate and from then on the Piacenza boat takes a drift that will lead to a heavy defeat. Porta Mortara beats a lot (sixteen hits with 4 doubles and a triple) and between the 6th and 7th inning a cluster of eight points decrees the early end of a match in which Piacenza, with three miserable singles, has never been the protagonist .


MORTARA DOOR 0-0-0-0-1-1-3-0-0 5

PIACENZA 2-0-2-0-3-5-0-0-X 12

Lineup: Pancini ric, Hernandez 2b/lan, Cufrè 1b (D’Auria), Loardi dh/ed, Carsana ec (Zironi 3b/lan), Marelli ss, Calderon ed (Albasi es), Contardi es (Gerardi ed/ec) , Torelli 3b/2b. Pitchers: Sanna (rl4.1 bv6 bb0 k5 pgl1), Carrasco (rl1 bv0 bb4 k3 pgl1), Braccini (rl1.1 bv1 bb0 k0 pgl0), Zironi (rl0.0 bv1 bb3 k0 pgl3), Hernandez (rl3 bv0 bb1 k3 pgl0).

Piacenza and Porta Mortara exchange clothes in the afternoon rematch. The Piacenza team had been as evanescent in the morning as they proved to be incisive in the afternoon when they annihilated the guests and achieved a deserved victory. Some small worries only at the end when, one step away from the early suspension at 12-2, a hint of a Novara comeback prolonged the hostilities without however changing the substance of things. Piacenza didn’t hesitate and went 2-0 in the 1st inning (double by Cufrè) and 4-0 in the 3rd (single by Carsana). The Piedmontese were not afraid, they did find a few points to which, however, Piacenza responded with arrogance with 8 arrivals on the plate between the 5th and 6th attack (8 hits with almost the entire line-up with hot hands). Thus we entered the 7th virtually smelling of clear superiority (12-2) but it was here that the easy task of completing the last three outs proved more difficult than expected. Instead of closing the game quickly, D’Auria’s team collected three points which extended the game and fueled the visitors’ last hopes. Hernandez took care of extinguishing Novara’s ardor with a sure save that set the final at 12-5. In the transformed Piacenza compared to the morning, the good performances of the pitchers stood out, especially the starting Sanna and the winning reliever Carrasco, and an undoubtedly more reactive line-up and author of eleven hits.

OTHER RESULTS: Altopiano Seveso-Avigliana Rebels 1-1 (0-10; 10-4), Sala Baganza- Ares Milano 2-0 (11-1; 17-7), Junior Parma-Brescia 2-0 (16-5 ; 9-6).

RANKING: Avigliana 909 (11-10-1), Sala Baganza 818 (11-9-2), Piacenza 583 (12-7-5), Brescia and Altopiano Seveso 500 (12-6-6), Junior Parma 333 ( 12-4-8), Porta Mortara Novara 250 (12-3-9), Ares Milano 167 (12-2-10).

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