Paris Dominates Cholet in Match 2: Goudou-Sinha Shines and Meilleraie Comes Alive

QT 2 : 29-40 (16′)

Goudou-Sinha sends Salaün into orbit and Paris takes a time out!

It’s a show at the Meilleraie, and CB returns little by little.

QT 2 : 27-40 (15′)

Hruban the big shot!

QT 2 : 24-40 (14′)

Sharvin with touch.

And Paris is starting to widen a serious gap. CB time-out.

QT 2 : 24-38 (14′)

Electric atmosphere on the field.

The sneak attacks are increasing.

QT 2 : 24-38 (14′)

Salaün’s aggressiveness is rewarded with 2 throws.

0/2 for the young Choletais who is at 1/7 in the play-off. During this time, the Parisian address does not weaken.

QT 2 : 24-35 (14′)

Scratches inside.

The German pivot finds the target.

QT 2 : 24-33 (13′)

Salaün responds to Ward!

First award-winning shot from Cholet.

QT 2 : 21-30 (12′)

He had an encore!

The Hawaiian in CB’s X factor?


QT 2 : 19-30 (11′)

Avea plays the carrot!

On a quarterback pass from Ayayi.

QT 2 : 17-30 (11′)

The address, key point of the first act.

The Parisians are at 8/14, which seem very high against the 0/2 Choletais.

Fine you QT 1 : 17-30

Paris takes a first break, Shorts dazzles La Meilleraie with his talent.

In a big night atmosphere, Shorts (12 points) and co are not impressed. The Cholet defense, which nevertheless seems in place, is punished as soon as they leave a little too much space for the Parisians.

Enzo Goudou-Sinha kept his team afloat (7 points).

QT 1 : 15-24 (10′)

Paris takes off with a new award-winning shot.

The address of the capital club is insolent.

QT 1 : 15-21 (9′)

CB returns to one possession… But Paris regains some air.

By the inevitable Goudou-Sinha.

QT 1 : 13-17 (9′)

Ayayi imitate son colleague.

And CB comes back into the match!

QT 1 : 11-17 (7′)

Goudou-Sinha in penetration.

The Parisian defense receives a draft. The Choletais caused a strong passage just after.

QT 1 : 9-17 (7′)

The Malcolm series continues.

Third shot from distance in a row for the Parisian, who didn’t come to joke. CB time-out.

QT 1 : 9-14 (7′)

Goudou-Sinha on the line…

QT 1 : 8-14 (7′)

Fourth shot from distance from Paris, Malcolm’s second.

The Cholet defense is nevertheless good, but the Ile-de-France residents make a first break.

QT 1 : 8-11 (6′)

3rd winning shot for Paris.

The address of the capital club does them a great service.

QT 1 : 8-8 (6′)

Defenses take precedence over attacks.

No doubt, given the intensity on the floor, we are in the Play-off.

QT 1 : 8-8 (5′)

Sako’s huge counter on Ngouamma!

The Cholet defense is more than stifling.

QT 1 : 8-8 (5′)

Sako on the line…

2/2 for the Choletais who equalizes. Already 2 faults for Kratzer, the German giant from Paris.

QT 1 : 6-8 (4′)

Ward from afar.

And Paris seems to find its distant address.

QT 1 : 6-5 (3′)

How to mount a dunk!

On a delight of pass from De Sousa.

QT 1 : 4-5 (3′)

Hruban and Short respond to each other.

The newly named MVP begins his show.

QT 1 : 2-2 (2′)

De Sousa answers him straight away!

With a complicated mid-range shot.

QT 1 : 0-2 (1′)

Short opens the scoring at the buzzer.

After an isolation on De Sousa.


A match 2 under the expert eye of Valérie Garnier.

The former coach of the French women’s basketball team and current European champion with Fenerbahçe is from Jallais.


The 5 major Choletais:

“You don’t change a winning team”, a proverb heard by Laurent Vila. The former Palois trusts Campbell and De Sousa for the back positions, Hruban and Salaün in the wings and the giant Sako will take care of the racket.


Tidjane Salaün or the explosion of a star in the eyes of the world.

After his game 1 where he accumulated 19 points and 8 rebounds for 20 evaluation, the American scouts only had his name on their lips. Enough to move him up in the Draft forecasts to 8th place for certain specialized sites. He would then join a certain Victor Wembanyama in the heart of Texas.


Erik Stevenson still absent.

The newly arrived American position 2 is uncertain until the end of the season.


Cholet can count on its 6th man this evening.

La Meilleraie looks set to be packed. The tifo prepared by the Reds will enhance the hangar at the start of the meeting.


Laurent Vila’s men have only one idea in mind: to finish the job.

7:30 p.m

The grandpas put up resistance during match 1 in Paris.


A former Le Mans councilor advises Cholet before match 2 against Paris…


Nathan De Sousa, the surprise that doesn’t stop

Constantly improving, Picard was once again formidable on Wednesday during the first leg. His energy will be essential as CB returns to Paris at La Meilleraie for match 2 (8 p.m.) this Saturday, May 18.

Nathan De Sousa defense | MELVYN AUGAS / MELVYSIONVoir en plein écranNathan De Sousa defense | MELVYN AUGAS / MELVYSION


Kick-off in 45 minutes

Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to match 2 of the quarter-final between Cholet Basket and Paris. Big match ahead!

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