Panathinaikos’ Historic Victory Over Real Madrid in Euroleague Final

Panathinaikos’ celebration after beating Merengue (REUTERS/Annegret Hilse)

Who would have thought after the first 15 minutes? It was all from Real Madrid. Almost beating. 14 difference. There was a long way to go, it’s true, but ahead was the team of the moment in Europe, of the last 15 years, the champion of the last edition, which was doing everything right. But, of course, this is FIBA ​​basketball, anything can happen. Panathinaikos also had the history, the personality, the players and even the fans to dream of turning it around. And so it happened: 25 brilliant final minutes to win the grand final in Berlin and thus win their sixth European tournament, fifth Euroleague, since this format has been played (2000). The MVP was the Greek Sloukas (24 points) in a tough fight with Kendrick Nunn (21 points), an NBA player who did not suffer in Europe like others…

In the Argentinian duel, Luca Vildoza, who had been playing little or nothing, celebrated after criticism from coach Ergin Ataman – which included an exchange on social networks with Prigioni, from the USA -, but yesterday the Turk needed it and the man from Mar del Plata responded with good defense and 3 points in 13 minutes to give him his third Euroleague. “We are champions and no one can take that away from me,” he declared.

Facu Campazzo had good moments (12 goals and 4 assists), but he was not enough. He was left wanting title No. 27 in his career and a new MVP (he has 10 and had just won three in the season). Gaby Deck, injured, saw it from the outside in the loser.

It was a concert by Madrid in the first quarter, when they scored a whopping 35 points and had a difference of 11. A dominance that extended for a while longer, when he scored 14. It was the moment when Facu dominated with her rhythm, Ndiaye and Musa put it in from all sides and the Frenchman Poirier was the owner of the painted area.

Panathinaikos player Luca Vildoza celebrates the victory sitting on the rim of one of the pavilion’s baskets in Berlin, Germany (EFE/EPA/RONALD WITTEK)

But everything began to change with the Greek defense. Grant pressed on the front line, Nunn and Sloukas appeared in attack and Lessort prevailed near the rim (17 and 6 rebounds). Luca also contributed, as did Hernangómez and Mitoglou.

Little by little the green tide flooded. Panathinaikos first canceled it and everything ended in a beating: 95-77, after winning the second half 46-22. A real madness. Because of how he did it and against what rival he achieved it. It’s not surprising. The Greeks have mystique and a great squad, today supported, as always, by thousands of fans, who generated pandemonium in the streets and in the stadium.

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