Pallacanestro Trieste Final Series Schedule Confirmed for Promotion to Serie A

TRIESTE No challenge during the canonical time, i.e. Sunday at 6pm.

The final series for promotion to Serie A between Pallacanestro Trieste and Acqua San Bernardo Cantù will always be in the evening and only in one case will a match take place on the weekend. It starts on Tuesday 4 June in Desio, the playing field of the Brianza team.

The days and times have been made official by the National Basketball League, essentially confirming the rumors that have circulated in recent days. After the debut on June 4th, game 2 again in Desio on Thursday 6th at 9pm and then returning to Trieste on Monday 10th again with a tap-off at 9pm.

In Valmaura also the possible race 4 on Wednesday 12 June at 9pm and finally the possible decisive race 5 in Desio on Saturday 15 June, also in this case starting at 9pm.

From match 2 onwards all matches will be visible live on RaiSport and Rai Play while the first match will only be visible on Lnp Pass.

Various factors contributed to determining the dates and times: the possibility of broadcasting the matches live on television, the voting for the European elections and the need to avoid the concomitance of a sporting event with another event attended by thousands of people not far from the PalaTrieste like Max Pezzali’s concert at the Rocco stadium on 9 June. An interlocking job that was completed yesterday.

PRE-SALE Pre-sale of tickets for Gara3 will start on Wednesday, with the one at PalaTrieste on 10 June. Prices will remain unchanged compared to the quarter-finals and semi-finals, the first phase reserved for regular season season ticket holders will be confirmed and free sales from next week. The presale in the first phase will be at the internal ticket office of the PalaTrieste for three days (from Wednesday to Friday) while online it will also continue over the weekend. In any case, today the company will formalize the methods and details.

PREPARATION Pallacanestro Trieste resumed preparation yesterday. As was assured by general manager Michael Arcieri in the press conference after match 3 against Forlì, Justin Reyes, not used as a precaution against the Romagna players, can return to training with his teammates and be available to coach Christian for his debut in the series the final. His absence against Forlì was “masked” by the excellent collective performance and a convincing performance by Leo Menalo, who finished in double figures.

MEASURES There was controversy in Game 4 on Sunday evening between Udine and Cantù at the Carnera. The president of APU Old Wild West Alessandro Pedone was banned for 21 June by the FIP sports judge for having engaged in «protest behavior, repeated and blatantly expressed towards the referees and seriously offensive behavior towards the second referee. —


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