OM Internal Discord: Culprit Named in Football Controversy

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OM: It’s internal discord, the culprit has been named!

Published on May 27, 2024 at 5:30 a.m.

OM will not appear in any European competition next season. The magic of Pablo Longoria seems to be running out of steam little by little in the transfer window. Emmanuel Petit is one of those who are in total incomprehension regarding the management of the president of OM and was quick to overwhelm him.

Pablo Longoria completed his third and a half season as president of the‘ABOUT. The Spanish leader has had a more than delicate year, notably with the clash during the September 18 meeting with the supporters. This led to the departure of Marcelino then senior leaders like Javier Flip et David Friio and the arrival of Mehdi Benatia.

“If there is no vision, there is no sporting project”

Subsequently, the bet Gennaro Gattuso did not pay and there was also talk of a departure of Pablo Longoria who has been singled out on various occasions for the transfer window and the management of situations in Marseille during this exercise. World Champion 98, Emmanuel Petit He also made his reproaches towards the president of OM on the airwaves of RMC. “What I criticize Pablo Longoria is that I understood in the first years what he was trying to do because there were almost no means, and he was trying to attract players with two ends of string to try to make capital gains on the transfer market, I understood that. But the chronic instability that there can be on the sidelines, or on the field or even in the locker room, with transfer windows where you start a new cycle each time… If there is no vision, there is no sporting project.”

“I don’t know where Pablo Longoria wants to go”

“It feels like we’re tossing a coin in the air hoping it lands on the right side, and when we support OM, we deserve much better than that. I don’t know where the club wants to go, I don’t know where Pablo Longoria wants to go. I have the impression that every three months, we are on the edge of the precipice, and we try to put out the fire with a glass of water. So for me, Longoria is largely responsible.” concluded Emmanuel Petit during his appearance on the show Rothen has been on fire in recent hours.

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