Nacho Rodríguez: The Rising Star Replacing Darío Benedetto at Boca Juniors

24/05/2024 13:12hs.

Darío Benedetto, it was quite clear, will no longer be taken into account by Diego Martínez. The coach gave him the thumbs down after the striker’s 34th birthday celebration, who not only couldn’t train the next day, but also said a phrase that made the coach laugh: “Joyful nights, sad mornings”. Pipa was no longer called up against Central Córdoba nor now with Talleres. In that sense, the Football Council already has its replacement.

This is the third Uruguayan striker behind Edinson Cavani and Miguel Merentiel: Ignacio Bautista Rodríguez. Nacho is in the 2004 category, he is 20 years old and is already a member of Martínez’s professional team. Although he has not debuted yet, the coach has already added him to the lists of concentrates, in fact he went to the bench in the Sudamericana in Potosí, also vs. the people of Santiago and he will do it this Saturday with the T.

Nacho Rodríguez, a born goalscorer

Nacho, Argentine with Uruguayan nationality through his paternal grandfather (he participated in the Sudamericana Sub 20 in Colombia with the eastern team, but did not play in the World Cup in Argentina), he is a born scorer. He demonstrated it first in his category, Rudman’s Fourth Division: he scored 11 goals in 14 games. Then in Reserva with Mariano Herrón. And finally in the International Cups.

Rodríguez scored both goals in the final of the Libertadores Sub 23 in Chilein which Boca became champion in 2023. In fact, He has that Cup tattooed on one of his cufflinks (with the minutes of his scores) and also the Intercontinental won by Rudman’s team in La Bombonera. Oh, number 9 also got wet in the final of the last edition of the Libertadores, although this time the winner was Fluminense.

And now he is facing his great opportunity. That of starting to have more place in First Division. The almost departure of Benedetto opens a huge door for Nacho, who at the beginning of this year signed his first contract with Boca until December 2028. What’s more, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Football Council is not looking for a 9 in this transfer market. With Cavani, Merentiel and Rodríguez he would be well covered in that area. Yes, with the three Uruguayans.

Nacho Rodríguez’s tattoos. The Copa Libertadores and the Intercontinental Sub 20, with the minutes of his goals in the final of the first title. In February of this year, Nacho Rodríguez signed his first contract with Boca until December 2028 (Prensa Boca).
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