Montjuïc also shows its anger with Laporta

Barça received Rayo Vallecano in Montjuïc in a match in which it was the first appearance in front of the Blaugrana fans of both Xavi Hernández and Joan Laporta. Both have been protagonists in the last few hours, but only the coach has shown his face at a press conference. The most faithful among the culés followers did not miss the opportunity to show their discontent with the situation generated.

The Grada d’animació was the one who started the chants in which the message “Xavi, yes; Laporta, no” could be heard clearly and clearly. Some of the fans from the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys joined them, but it is true that they were few, probably because the majority are tourists. These are demonstrations that could already be captured in the last match played by Barça at home, against Real Sociedad. On that occasion they were somewhat more timid, although it seems that discontent is increasing.

And the thing is that a day before, at the Johan Cruyff, the most loyal fans who occupied one of the goals in the stands, also expressed their discomfort with songs in which they complained about Joan Laporta’s management. The truth is that the president, despite the fact that part of his entourage leaked that he was going to fire Xavi Hernández, has not yet appeared publicly to confirm or deny such statements. Yes, Xavi did, and he assured that the club has only given him peace of mind.

2024-05-19 18:04:27
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