Michael Porter Jr.’s Struggles in Game 7: A Nightmare to Forget

At times, Michael Porter Jr. has appeared as a devilishly effective third option between Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. But in Game 7 against the Wolves, and more broadly during this series, the sniper jammed his weapon.

7 points, 3/12 shooting and 1/6 3-pointers in 34 minutes. Head to vacation.

Michael Porter Jr.’s Game 7 is a nightmare to quickly forget. According to Katy Winge, journalist for the Denver Nuggets, the winger even spoke to his teammates after the meeting to apologize to them. According to him, his drop in level was fatal in the elimination at the gates of the Conference Finals. MPJ scored 25 points… in Game 4, 5, 6 and 7 combined. The stat is terrible but revealing.

“Michael Porter Jr apologized to the team after the match and felt responsible for the loss. He said that if he had played like he does, the Nuggets would have won this series.” –Katy Winge

Michael Porter Jr said he apologized to the team after the game and felt like this loss was on him. He said if he would’ve played the way he knows he can play the Nuggets would’ve won this series.

— Katy Winge (@katywinge) May 20, 2024

However, Michael Porter Jr.’s regular season was a real success. In 81 games played, the sniper had broken the record for the number of 3-pointers scored in a season in the history of the Denver Nuggets (220). And his series against the Lakers, with 23 points on average at 48.8% by far (!!) was the best of his entire career. With an inconsistent Jamal Murray, he was Nikola Jokic’s true right-hand man offensively.

But against the Minnesota Timberwolves, MPJ lost his basketball: 10,7 points average, 5.7 rebounds, 1 assist with ugly percentages 37.1% shooting dont 32.5% at 3-points.

It’s Game 7

An inexcusable lack of effort by Michael Porter Jr. pic.twitter.com/r54QKcCV87

— Mike Randle (@RandleRant) May 20, 2024

At the end of April, Michael Porter Jr.’s family was in turmoil.

Jontay Porter, his brother, was banned for life from the NBA for violating sports betting regulations. Coban Porter, his second brother, was sentenced to six months in prison following a car accident. As for Jevon Porter, his third brother, he was arrested for drunk driving. If MPJ had kept an impeccable state of mind in the series against the Lakers, he may have been caught up by his personal worries, in addition to the formidable defense of the Wolves…


Source texte : Katy Winge

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