Mexico’s Archery Team Competes in World Cup Series in Yecheon, South Korea Ahead of Paris 2024 Olympic Games

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Yecheon, South Korea.- Los Paris 2024 Olympic Games are just around the corner, and one of the disciplines that is projected to give great results to Mexico is he Archerybut prior to the grand opening of the summer competition, tricolor arrow players will have one stop first and that is to compete in the second stage of the World Cup serieswhich will be held in Asian lands.

This tournament will be active from May 21 to 26 in Yecheon, South Korea, which grants points for the ranking towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.Among the great representatives that the country will have in Asian territory are Alejandra Valencia, Ana Paula Vázquez, Ángela Ruiz, Matías Grande, Carlos Rojas and Bruno Wingin the recurve modality, as well as compound specialists Dafne Quintero, Maya Becerra, Esmeralda Sánchez, Sebastián García, Juan Del Río and Máximo Méndez.

Alejandra Valencia in full action

Pending tickets

At the moment, Mexico has all the Olympic places in the women’s branch and one in the men’s branch, so Matías Grande, Carlos Rojas and Bruno Wing will try to stand out to climb steps in the team list, which is one of the last two ways to obtain the ticket to Paris.

In the first stage, held in Shanghai, Chinathe national representative obtained a silver medal with Maya Becerra in individual women’s compound; In addition, American records were broken in individual recurve under-21 (Matías Grande) and in women’s compound team (Becerra, Dafne Quintero and Esmeralda Sánchez).

The activities of this traditional tournament will begin this Tuesday, May 21, with official practices for all archers and the qualifying rounds will also be held in the compound modality of both branches. It is expected to be from Sonora Alejandra Valenciaone of the best representations of the country, because it has great experience and in recent tournaments has been on the podium.

Although in her most recent competition, the woman from Hermosillo did not win a medal, in previous competitions it was normal to see her among the best three in each competition. In turn, Alejandra in the Serial of Cups of the world She will only seek to be better placed in the world rankings, since she already got her ticket to Paris a few months ago. Therefore, she will seek to win a medal in the individual category in her fourth Olympic Games.

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