Meet Mohamed Dabone: The 13-Year-Old EuroLeague Sensation

A few years ago, the world met Victor Wembanyama. The 20-year-old Frenchman has just wreaked havoc on the NBA in his rookie season with the Spurs.

Obviously, not all of these international prospects turn out to be like Wembanyama or Luka Doncic, but that doesn’t stop fans from searching for the next best player to follow on social media.

Mohamed Dabone, a player with this profile

The young man is playing in the EuroLeague under 18 with FC Barcelona, ​​and his highlights have been flooding social networks for days. Since then, Barça fans will be more than excited with Dabone’s statistics.

How old is Mohamed Dabone?

Mohamed Dabone (October 21, 2011) is only 12 years old, 13 in a few months. Therefore, Dabone will not be able to apply for the NBA Draft for a few years, but he is attracting attention with his performance in the under-18 EuroLeague despite his age.

How tall and heavy is Mohamed Dabone?

According to the official EuroLeague website, Mohamed Dabone measures 2.08 m, although websites give him a few centimeters more, but he obviously has years left to continue growing. It is not known exactly how much Dabone weighs, but the EuroLeague classifies him as slim.

When would Mohamed Dabone be eligible for the NBA Draft?

Dabone will be eligible for the NBA Draft in 2030. To enter the NBA Draft, a player must turn 19 during the same draft year.

Mahomed Dabone, who was born in October 2011, would have been 18 years old at the time of the 2030 NBA Draft, but would turn 19 later that year.

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