Mbappé, if I will be at the Olympics? It’s not up to me – Football

“Whether I will participate in the Paris Olympics? Everyone knows the situation, it is not a decision that depends on me. Whatever happens, I will be happy. The Olympics are more than whether I will be there or not. I hope we will demonstrate that France is a country of sport and that we know how to welcome the world. I will never be far from here.” This is how Kylian Mbappé, awarded ‘player of the year’ in Ligue 1 through a referendum among his colleagues from each team, responded to those who asked him if he will be at the home Games, as even French President Emmanuel Macron hoped for.

The question of what his next team will be is also inevitable, given that he has already announced that he will leave PSG. “In life you have to take time for everything – Mbappé’s response -, the only thing to know is that I’m leaving PSG. The rest is perhaps not the time to find out.” “It’s difficult, much more than it might seem,” he added, referring to his farewell to PSG. “It’s a chapter in my life that is closing, but Ligue 1 still has an important place in my life. I tried to be the worthy representative of this championship. I’m leaving with my head held high, but I would never have been able to do it without Monaco and obviously PSG where everyone had faith in me.”

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2024-05-13 22:11:42
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