Martin, your time is running out.

Many times I expressed my support for the current management of Martin Demichelis. At various times I applauded his successes, but today I will do the opposite and this is due to a new fall in the current campaign.

It seems that the blow suffered in Mendoza did not draw enough attention to its players. On Saturday, in La Paternal, to Millo He seemed a little lost on the court and also giving up space to a rival who definitely cornered him to steal the three points in dispute.

It is very likely that the fans will whistle at the coach next Thursday, and I estimate that the reasons are sufficient.

My intention now is not to discredit the great result that was achieved the Gasoline in the Argentine Cupbut the defeat against the ninth in the First National For the Barrio de Núñez team, and above all, in the 16th finals it is an issue that should immediately set off alarm bells.

The truth is that in recent times the team of the Micho It does not confirm a good deal for the ball. Sometimes he seems a little complicated in the game and for this reason it is difficult for him to solve some situations that come his way. For now River only got the Argentine Super Cup compared to Students from La Plata.

Martín, your time is running out, since there are some rumors that link you to the end of the cycle. In this scenario, this server asks you to really analyze the upcoming games, make the relevant variations and of course give the fan a smile and new satisfaction.

In your favor, a new transfer window is presented where it will obviously be necessary to take out your wallet to acquire some names that can translate your idea on the field.

If this situation ends up helping you, it is very likely that the discomfort in the atmosphere will begin to decrease.

Demichelisafter the America Cup, It will be time to corroborate your intentions so that you can reach the final of the Libertadores Cup, taking into account that the real tournament is played from the round of 16 and also that it has a plus: it is defined in Buenos Aires.

For now, the most convenient thing is for you to get together with your players to unify criteria and be able to reverse this bad streak. It depends on you Martín.

2024-05-25 23:37:34
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