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    Werder Bremen in the live ticker against VfL Bochum: The fan march has arrived at the Weserstadion. © Björn Knips

    Werder Bremen in the live ticker against VfL Bochum: All goals, news and information from the fan march to the Weserstadion and the game on matchday 34 – all live in the DeichStube live ticker.


    2:16 p.m.: Meanwhile, we’re waiting for today’s Werder lineup, which should be published within the next 15 minutes.

    2:11 p.m.: The gates of the Weserstadion have been open for a few minutes now, the first fans are already inside, but many are still outside and are in no hurry at the moment.

    2:03 p.m.: Things are different for Mitchell Weiser. He extended his expiring contract with Werder during the week and is staying on the Weser for a while. This turns a big question mark from the past few weeks into a big exclamation mark and a great signal for the coming season!

    1:55 p.m.: What else is important today? If he plays, it will be Christian Groß’s last professional game. After 16 years as a professional, it’s over for the 35-year-old born in Bremen. He played the most games in the 3rd league for VfL Osnabrück (146), but then the second most for Werder: “Grosso” played 117 times for the green-whites, and he played a further 31 games for the second team the regional league. Groß is moving to champions Bayer Leverkusen in the summer, where he will start scouting.

    1:44 p.m.: Thousands are currently waiting in front of the stadium for the gates to open. There is rarely so much going on in front of the Weser Stadium this early.

    1:37 p.m.: Speaking of Union: The Köpenickers are still in the middle of a relegation battle and are currently in the relegation zone. This has indirect effects for Werder, as today’s opponents from Bochum could slip behind them. To do this, Union would have to win against Freiburg, Bochum would have to lose and Mainz (away to Wolfsburg) would have to get at least one point. Then VfL would have detention and play in the relegation game against Fortuna Düsseldorf to stay in the Bundesliga.

    1:29 p.m.: The real excitement of the Bundesliga season is already gone. The champion has been determined, the Champions League places have been taken. Four teams are fighting over the potential European Cup place 8 – three of which are three points ahead of SC Freiburg. There is only one goal difference between Heidenheim, Augsburg and Werder. So if Freiburg loses at Union Berlin today, the winners would overtake them.

    1:24 p.m.: From now on we’ll look at what happens on the pitch in the Weserstadion in just over two hours.

    1:15 p.m.: That was it – and now everyone should have a drink…

    1:14 p.m.: On the stairs they sing loudly again until the steps swing… “We will be German champions” everyone sings loudly together.

    1:12 p.m.: The atmosphere is great, it definitely won’t be the fans’ fault today if Werder don’t finish the season with a home win!

    1:07 p.m.: The fan march reaches the Weser Stadium! The green and white supporters are now singing and jumping on the large stairs that lead from the Osterdeich to the stadium. According to the police, there are almost 5,500 fans at the “Corteo”!

    1:00 p.m.: It’s the home stretch: Verdener Straße has been reached!

    12:52 p.m.: Past the Schauburg, they are actually only allowed to show Werder films today…

    12:38 p.m.: The Siewall intersection is almost there – without a football game…

    12:37 p.m.: A short, absolutely representative survey has shown: Werder will make it to Europe!!!

    12:33 p.m.: Of course, a round of Pogo shouldn’t be missed either!

    12.30 p.m.: Everything is totally peaceful – big and small, young and old take part in the fan march.

    12:21 p.m.: The quarter has been reached, there is more support from the windows, hopefully no one falls out!

    12:16 p.m.: Thousands of green and white supporters take part in the Werder fan march, the street is completely bathed in green and white. Exactly how many fans will be there can of course only be estimated – there are probably around 5,000 people.

    12:06 p.m.: Clapping along is not that easy, the drummers expect a lot of sense of rhythm…

    12:03 p.m.: People are dreaming loudly about the next championship, in keeping with the double!

    12:02 p.m.: It’s perfect weather, the sun is shining – as well as one or two firecrackers.

    Werder Bremen against VfL Bochum in the DeichStube live ticker: The Werder fan march before the game is underway

    11:59 a.m.: The fan march is in motion!

    11:57 a.m.: It’s really, really full on the market square – it feels like the whole of Bremen is on its feet! Today, on the last day of the match, it’s not just about the possible European qualification, for which Werder can use all the support, but also about the 20th anniversary of the double. There are also special announcements via megaphone for this!

    11.55 a.m.: Hello Werder fans! Today the live ticker starts earlier than usual – because from 12 p.m. the big fan march will take place from the market square to the Weser Stadium. Of course we are there too!

    The SV Werder Bremen im Live ticker against the VfL Bochum: Kick-off in Bremen Weser Stadium is at 3:30 p.m Live-Ticker reports start here at around 12 p.m Werder fan march. The starting eleven for both teams will follow at around 2:30 p.m. All Torenews and information from the Weserstadion can be found here live im Live ticker the DeichStube.

    Werder Bremen against VfL Bochum – the preliminary report:

    “It will be a fighting game”: How Werder Bremen is preparing for the season finale against VfL Bochum

    The SV Werder Bremen meets at home on Saturday (3:30 p.m./DeichStube live ticker). VfL Bochum and could jump to eighth place on the last matchday and let the European dream live on. The preliminary report of the DeichStube.

    Before kick-off, that much is already clear, there will be a lot of focus on the past in the Weserstadion on Saturday. He wants to be with the heroes of yesteryear SV Werder Bremen before the last game of the season against VfL Bochum (3.30 p.m./DeichStube live ticker) will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the double win in 2004, which will definitely bring back memories for the fans of a time when Werder were in completely different sporting spheres – namely at the very top. Of these, the current team is head coach Ole Werner in the spring of 2024, of course, miles away, and yet she could still achieve great things at the last minute of the 2023/2024 season: the great chance of a return to international business.

    “We have the opportunity to turn a good season into a very good one,” says Werder’s head of professional football Clemens Fritz, who by “good” means the early secured relegation and by “very good” the possible jump to eighth place in the table. As a reminder: This would ultimately entitle you to take part in the qualification for the Conference League if the German champions Bayer Leverkusen prevailed in the cup final against second division team Kaiserslautern. Which doesn’t have much to say. Werder Bremen is for the last minute coup in addition to our own win against the VfL Bochum but also depends on the results on other pitches, which can lead to a dynamic that only exists on the last match days.

    This is how fans can see the Bundesliga game between Werder Bremen and VfL Bochum live on TV and in the live stream!

    Werder Bremen against VfL Bochum in the DeichStube live ticker: How Ole Werner and Co. look at the competition’s games

    “In the first half we will only look at ourselves,” explains head coach Ole Werner, but admits: “In the final phase we will be informed about how things are going in the other places so that we can possibly weigh up certain things.” Nobody knows how gripping the season finale will really be. It cannot be ruled out that the awarding of eighth place in the table will actually ultimately come down to goal difference. But as I said: first you have to Werder Bremen win for yourself. As long as it doesn’t look like it, it’s not worth looking at the competition. Or like it Clemens Fritz expresses: “We have to do our homework in order to be able to see what is possible in the end.” And this homework is definitely tough, because it is also for him VfL Bochum the last match day is still important, very important in fact.

    As table 14th. Interim coach Heiko Butscher’s team is far from free of all relegation worries and could end up in the relegation zone if things go badly. The Bochum team are currently three points ahead and have a goal difference that is three goals worse than Union Berlin, which is in 16th place – and from Werder’s point of view cannot lose to Bremen’s European rivals Freiburg. In the completely sold-out Weser Stadium, the live ticker from the game, which will be played at the same time on Saturday at the Alte Försterei, will be flickering on a number of cell phones. And perhaps the duel between Werder Bremen and the VfL Bochum also plenty of opportunity to take your eyes off the pitch for a moment. Football delicacies are loud Ole Werner at least not to be expected.

    Werder Bremen against VfL Bochum in the DeichStube live ticker: Ole Werner expects “a fighting game”

    “I think a lot of things will be similar to the first leg,” says the 36-year-old, whose team fought to a 1-1 draw at the Ruhrstadion in January. And further: “It is rarely incredibly beautiful how you fight against him VfL Bochum plays because it’s a team that runs one-on-one across the entire field and gets you into an incredible number of duels.” In fact, completely different teams have had problems with this style during the current season, so Werder Bremen will not even try to solve every situation with combination football.

    “It’s extremely difficult against Bochum to just move forward from your own goal from foot to foot,” says White Ole Wernerthe one with the SV Werder Bremen against the VfL Bochum therefore relies on the following means: “You are forced to overplay this high pressing and get into the game of football, in which we are superior to the opponent. It’s going to be a fighting game.”

    And, as I said, one with this perhaps not great, but still existing opportunity. Before Werder Bremen Getting much closer to Europe’s double heroes of yesteryear – that would be something. (dco)

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