Liofilchem Secures Victory in PalaChemiba, Advances to A2 Final

Liofilchem ​​conquers the PalaChemiba in Cerreto d’Esi, wins game 4 of the semi-final and effectively closes the score in the series against Fabriano by flying to the final to access A2: the final result, with Mantzaris and his teammates who will now face Libertas Livorno, winning over Jesi 3-0. Second match point exploited in a big way by the biancazzurri, despite the comeback of the hosts, more lucid in the final (a couple of defensive actions and above all the baskets of Mantzaris and Durante were decisive) and pushed above all by the many fans who arrived from Roseto, noisy from the start from the end.

Third final in four years for a club founded less than 4 years ago, overcoming many difficulties but always remaining focused on a single objective. Well done to the Consortium, well done to the club, staff and obviously all the players for rowing on the same side, slowly involving the entire white and blue basketball world and making the PalaMaggetti and beyond tremble again.

Statistics in hand, another great offensive performance, 6 in double figures: 21 for a stratospheric Giordano Durante, with 3 triples including a sidereal one in the last period, Santiangeli scores 19, 4/8 from three and 6 rebounds, double double 12 points and 12 assists (23 rating) for captain Matzaris, 4/6 from beyond the arc for 12 points overall for an excellent Ousmane Maiga, 11 for Guaiana and 10 from Klyuchnyk.

After a balanced first period, 25-23 with a triple from Stanic (the best of his team) at the end, in the second ten minutes Roseto improved: partial 3-14 between the 16th and 20th, all signed by Santiangeli, Durante, Klyuchnyk and Maiga. 36-47 at halftime.

In the third fraction the Marche team recovered with a super Stanic, well supported by Granic and Centanni: Fabriano arrived at minus 4, then a free throw by Durante made it 60-65 at the end of the quarter. Incandescent final period: shower of triples in the first minutes with Santiangeli, Stanci and Verri. Roseto is super in defense, Mantzaris returns to create and give away chocolates, then a triple from the Greek for the 66-76 of the 34th. Fabriano tries everything, but Roseto remains clinging to the significant advantage, with Durante definitively closing the score.

Sunday the last obstacle, the last act of an amazing year at the moment: on the other side Livorno, Sunday 2 June, Game 1, Tuesday 4 Game 2, both on the Roseto parquet, game 3 instead on Friday 7 in Tuscany.

RISTOPRO FABRIANO – LIOFILCHEM ROSETO 80-87 (25-23, 36-47, 60-65)

Verri 4, Centanni 11, Stanic 25, Gnecchi 5, Bedin, Romagnoli, Bandini, Carsetti, Negri 15, Granic 16, Giombini 4, Nkot Nkot Coach. Niccolai

Durante 21, Dervishi, Maiga 12, Donadoni 2, Guaiana 11, Tamani, Mantzaris 12, Klyuchnyk 10, Santiangeli 19, Thioune Coach. Gramenzi.

2024-05-26 22:22:20
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