Ligue 1: the Rouge Direct collective castigates the attitude of Mohamed Camara, whom it accuses of homophobia

“Yes, we can talk about homophobia without any problem. » Guest on the Charles Matin show RMC This Tuesday, Jules Pontes, the spokesperson for the Rouge Direct collective, was very clear about the attitude of Monegasque Mohamed Camara and Mostafa Mohamed from Nantes. The first masked the logos of the fight against homophobia during the last day of Ligue 1, and the second refused to play.

“For personal reasons, they refuse to join in a simple operation in solidarity with the LGBT community,” continued Jules Pontes. We know that the level of homophobia is alarming in football. Mohamed Camara’s gesture is even more violent and shocking because he appears on the field with a ton of straps to make it clear that the message of the fight is not his. »

The silent LFP

The spokesperson for the collective also regrets the laxity of the Professional Football League (LFP), but also of the clubs. For the moment, the LFP has not commented on the matter. Adi Hütter, Mohamed Camara’s coach in Monaco, assured that he would have a discussion with him. But the club can still be criticized for letting him enter the pitch with the logos hidden.

“We need sanctions,” assures Jules Pontes. We are devastated by the deafening silence of the LFP. They do not communicate and we read in the press that they are not considering sanctions against the player and Monaco and we finally learn that the disciplinary committee is taking up the Camara file. We do not understand anything anymore. »

This Monday, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra also reacted, speaking to RTL. The Minister of Sports also called for sanctions: “I find this to be unacceptable behavior. I was also able to say what I thought about it to the LFP last night (Sunday) and I believe that such behavior must be subject to the strongest sanctions both against the player, but also against the club that let him do it. »


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