Lapa Football Management Wins International Scouting Competition: Football Analytics Hackathon

Lapa Football Management (LFM), a Portuguese representation and career management agency, also focused on high performance, game analysis and performance, won one of the main international scouting competitions – Football Analytics Hackathon, a challenge that took place at the Football Forum of Hungary.

The competition, which set the objective of identifying two reinforcement needs for a Premier League club – Wolverhampton – with a budget of 60 million euros, involved more than four hundred participants. And its partners were Transfermarkt and the Cube platform. The Portuguese company distinguished itself through work that would save the “Wolves” 45 million euros.

“The challenge was to identify two pressing needs of the club, which after analysis were configured as a central midfielder and a striker. Shortlists and final targets were then created. And, finally, communicate a 20-page report that supports the proposed solution presented to each player. The exercise is very much based on big data, but, more than that, it consists of being able to select the decisive information and communicate it properly. New tools can also cause excess information and lack the ability to interpret, so that decision-makers can reach what is in fact essential – and thus the decision can be the best possible, with the lowest risk”, said, at the time, Ricardo Oliveira, head of scouting at LFM.

The Hungarian Football Forum has brought together top experts in modern football. The event is aimed at organizations, clubs, companies and professionals in Central Europe.

2024-04-29 07:00:00
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