Klass Coral Alghero Wins Regional Division 1 Basketball Title in Final Game 2 Victory

Driven by a beautiful crowd, Klass Coral Alghero won game 2 of the final and won the Regional Division 1 basketball title. Defeated, on the Olmedo parquet, La Casa del Sorriso Su Planu by 77-57. Both will be smiling, however; the two finalists, in fact, enter the next Serie C tournament.

The race. The hosts put the turbo into action at the start and already lead 24-14 during the first quarter, thanks in particular to Sahud’s scoring streak (4 3-pointers and 14 points in total in the first 10′ for him). In the second half the quintet coached by Fabrizio Longano further increased their advantage by taking advantage of baskets by Cesaraccio and Scalise (40-24 at 20′). In the third quarter La Casa del Sorriso looks for a reaction, led by Simbula and Ibba, but the gap does not close (55-39 at 30′). In the last 10′ the Alghero team managed to control the situation, bringing home the match that won the series and the title. Best scorer of the match Sahud, of Coral, with 18 points.

Path. Klass Coral reached the final success starting from sixth position in the regular season. In the playoffs, however, with the disadvantage of the eventual victory in game 3, again away, they overcame Atletico Cagliari (2-1), San Salvatore (2-0) and, finally, La Casa del Sorriso. The Selargini route is also beautiful. A first phase ended in first place alone (18 wins and 4 defeats), and the arrival in the playoffs after eliminating San Sperate (2-0) in the quarter-finals and Carbonia in the semi-finals (2-1). Both Klass Coral Alghero and La Casa del Sorriso Su Planu, however, are celebrating: both, in fact, have acquired the right to participate in the next Regional C Series.

The scoreboards.

Klass Coral Alghero – The House of Smiles Su Planu 77 – 57 (series 2-0)

Klass Coral: M. Cesaraccio, Monte 7, Sahud 18, Musso 10, Salvatori, L. Cesaraccio 5, Manunza, Moretto, Scalise 16, Busi 3, Ibba, Loriga 5. Coach Longano.

The House of Smiles: Loi 1, Ancona 2, Pilia 5, Poddighe 5, Simbula 12, Fancello 13, Soddu, Ibba 11, Mascia, Melis 8, Podda. Coach Ibba.

Referees: Sanna and Cappelloni.

Partial: 24-14; 40-24; 55-39; 77-57.

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